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I was walking around a college surplus store and found this type writer with a ibm keyboard.

The keys are :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and sound :blobooo:
But it was too big to fit so…


Mode Designs - Eighty Pre-Orders Live!
Product Page: Eighty - Pre Order Now – Mode Designs
Price: $480 - $490 (In-Stock!)


  • TKL Form Factor (80%)
    • Standard or WKL
    • “Multi-Layout”: ANSI and ISO(?) Layouts
  • Hot-Swappable or Soldered PCB
    • Kailh Hot-Swap Sockets (+$10)
    • QMK/VIA-Compatible
    • USB-C Connectivity
  • Colors:
    • Daemon: Black Top Chassis, Black Bottom Chassis, Black Mounting Plate
    • Iris: Pink Top Chassis, Black Bottom Chassis, Black Mounting Plate
    • Lotus: Black Top Chassis, Pink Bottom Chassis, Pink Mounting Plate
    • Dart: Blue Top Chassis, Black Bottom Chassis, Black Mounting Plate
    • Charge: Black Top Chassis, Blue Bottom Chassis, Blue Mounting Plate

The highlight here is a TKL keeb with an all-aluminum chassis and QMK-compatibility that is also in-stock. No Group Buy uncertainty, no Pre-Order wait times; it’ll ship in 3-5 business days.

'Chew is a Mode Designs shill, sorry. :sweat_smile:
The entire chassis is held together by three screws. It’s beautiful architecture, honestly.

Mode Designs First Edition Eighty (#391 of 450)

Note that the Eighty uses a different chassis than the First Edition Eighty (Limited Run: No longer in-production).


Hyper 7 V3 - Group Buy Extras
Product Page: Hyper 7 V3 (GB Extras) — Mechboards
Price: £300 (In-Stock, Limited Stock)
Shipping ETA: July - August, 2021


It’s… well.
You’ll know if you want it or not. :laughing:

Custom keebs that go beyond full-sized are very, very few.


Hotswap Numpad Kit w/Rotary Encoder - Pre-Order
Product Page: 3D Printed RGB Hotswap Numpad – Keyspresso
Price: $46.99
Shipping ETA: September, 2021

It’s a QMK-compatible, hot-swappable numpad / macropad kit with a rotary encoder for under $50.
This is V3. Apparently there was a V1 and V2, previously.

It’s a pretty good deal? By comparison, YMDK, IDAOBAO, KBDfans carry QMK-compatible macropads as well, but they’re pricier and / or they don’t have rotary encoders:

I… wasn’t aware of Keyspresso’s rotary encoder-macropad until today. Shame on me.


Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful for the wheel on my MX Master 3. It keeps me away from the rotary encoder everything temptations. Esp in Photoshop.


East Asian aesthetic. Caught my eye.
The Koshitsu (Imperial Family / Red + White + Gold) one, especially.
Though, I won’t be getting it. Doesn’t match my desk area. Also, ETA is December. :roll_eyes:


  • Looks good.
  • Meh…
  • Don’t like any of them.

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Product Page: Phangkey Amaterasu Deskmat from Drop.

Edit: I’m such a fuggin’ noob. :derpdorp:
No one saw anything. :shushing_face:


Monkeytype - Mini PSA

In about 9 hr and 30 min, Monkeytype will be in “no-database mode.” Users will not be able to access their accounts or the leaderboards, as Monkeytype will be migrating data to their new database. The data migration is expected to take days.

Monkeytype will also be keeping the old database – temporarily – in the event the data migration runs into issues and they need to recover user data from the old database.

Source: Monkeytype

Hey @everyone - the data migration to the new database will begin soon. To get ready for that, Monkeytype will be in no-database mode starting later today, in about 10 hours. This means no access to your account and no leaderboards. George the bot will also go offline for this time. There is a lot of data to migrate, so this process will take days - after it’s done, I will be keeping the data in the old DB for a couple weeks in case something went wrong with the transfer of your account so that everything can still be recovered.

And a tiny personal update - I will be going on holiday tomorrow, so it might take me a bit longer to respond to any bug reports, but I’ll still be around.

Have a good one,

Source: Monkeytype Discord, #announcements Channel.


Finally, I have ascended to full KeebWeeb-status with my custom keyboard, eLiXiVy. Designed the PCB myself, as some may have seen and assembled it all together too.
Plate and case are from KBDFans, keycaps are cheap doubleshots from Aliexpress (got a BoW and WoB set to create what you see below) and the encoder is the ‘ALP-ENC-IND-000’.

I am currently loving to have a rotary encoder in the top-right, which functions as a volume wheel. It is - in my opinion - truly one of those features you don’t know you’re missing until you have it.

This definitely won’t be my last board, far from it! I am planning to put together another of these boards (just gotta get a case and plate), as I am wanting to experience more types of keyswitches. I am currently using (soldered in) Kailh BOX Jades, but I want to try out some linears too!

I borrowed someone else’s camera to take this picture (and more I shared elsewhere), but it did get me quite excited to do some more photography stuff, but I might hold off on that for now you have all been a very bad influence on me with your great photos!!
In conclusion, I am so happy I have been able to make this project work and have been loving the feel of typing on it!


MonkeyType - Mini PSA Follow-Up

Monkeytype’s database migration has finished, and they’ll be deleting the old database in 48 hours. Concerned users may wish to check their Monkeytype account data and report any bugs or inconsistencies, but the Monkeytype team seems confident that every user’s data is preserved.

Source: Monkeytype

Hey @everyone , update on the migration - the old database will be deleted in about 48 hours. As mentioned before, make sure your account is all good. From what I can tell everything seems fine (and any time the data was gone it was usually the user logging into the wrong account) , so the chances of anything being lost are very slim.

Source: Monkeytype Discord, #announcements Channel.


Consolidated my keeb stuff into one place.


NIZ Plum Electro-Capacitive Keyboards on Drop!

  • Atom 66 ($92 from Drop): Compact Form Factor. 35g Rubber Domes. Compatible with MX-Stem Keycaps.
  • Plum 87 for ($90 from Drop): TKL Form Factor. 35g Rubber Domes. Compatible with MX-Stem Keycaps.

NIZ Plum keebs usually run for $100+. Comparatively, the Atom 66 is listed for $149+, while the Plum 87 goes for $165+.

And if 35g is too light for your fingers, Deskeys and Keyclack sell BKE Rubber Domes:

Pssst. 'Chew recommends the EXTREME ones. :eyes:

Deskeys released some DES-Sliders that’re compatible with MX-stem keycaps!

Hopefully they’re leagues better than JTK Sliders and KBDfans’ Topre-to-MX Adapters (discontinued)?

If they made a set of sliders that included the stabilizers, I’d jump on it immediate-like. :eyes::sweat_drops:


YOOOOOOOOOO! At this point anything is better than the 1 degree slant the KBDs have. Def. can’t wait to see reviews.


I am at my friend’s house.
This Thinkpad is my friend dad old work laptop.

A Lenovo x230, the keyboard is bring nostalgia of my old school Chromebook 11e 3rd gen.
the typing experience is a sort of heavy start with a nice reset and a sound that is definitely Thinkpad.


LUGOO Memphis Keycap Set
Drop Link: LUGOO Dye-Subbed PBT Memphis Keycap Set

Interesting keyset.

  • I like that rather than following the default, conventional sans serif font that every other keycap set uses, they’re going with individually-designed characters.
  • Though, the entire keycap set looks rather chaotic overall and the inconsistent colors, fonts, font / icon sizes, typography, and outline thicknesses is enough to put me off.
  • In the layout diagram (final pic), I can’t tell whether there is no ISO Enter, or if there is an ISO Enter and its general design looks like that, but they forgot to add proper 3D details to it.

For those that might care, they seem to be doing a giveaway of this set over at /r/mk. Giveaway is supposed to end in 3 days as of the making of that Reddit post (so currently a little under 3 days until closure).


Giveaway is hosted by KeebMonkey.
Same folks that did the $25 Bluetooth Keeb giveaway. :eyes:

I’ll keep my trap sealed 'cos I haven’t heard anything definitively disparaging about KeebMonkey, though their site and marketing strategy (r/mechanicalkeyboard giveaways every week?) raises a couple’a flags.


It seems a bit… let’s call it desperate in my eyes.
On the other hand though, it costs them the price equivalent of one keycap set/keyboard/keyswitch set/deskpad/etc. + shipping to get thousands of eyes on their products/store, so potentially a whole bunch of new shoppers. Seems like the cheapest type of marketing, with the mechanical keyboard niche community being so tightly integrated with the /r/mk subreddit.

But yeah it almost seems like guerilla marketing.



As of today, it’s all a limited edition.

With the Heavy Grails shipping soon, I feel like I’ve now tackled all the interesting problems in the world of Topre, so it’s time to drop the mic and move on before things become tedious. As of the end of this year, I will no longer be producing Topre housings.

Thus what I currently have for sale is pretty much all that there is or ever shall be.

Norbauer is closing up shop for good on normal runs! :tired_face:


In related news…


Ouch. My wallet hurts.


MGK64 Update - Smooth Criminal
I tried thinking of a clever title but my brain kinda be lethargic today. :derpdorp:

MGK64 + Durock Lavender Linears
…I got these back in mid-June, from Den.

MGK64 + Gentleman Blank XDA Keycaps
$26.90 from KPrepublic (Aliexpress). Received them early-September.
KPrepublic’s email marketing worked, heh.

Lavender Linears + Gentleman Keycaps = Smooth Criminal.
Or something.

MGK64 - Durock Lavender Switches + XDA Keycaps (Fast)

MGK64 - Durock Lavender Switches + XDA Keycaps (Slow)


Toooooooooo light. The switches are waaay too light for my tastes.
It’s so light, it’s a little bit fatiguing to type on?! :rofl:
(This is a 'Chew thing – I’m fairly certain 65g won’t be an issue for other people.)

Other than its almost featherlight weight (to my fingers), the Lavenders are a’ight. No need for any filming, IMO. Perhaps could use some lube (re-lubing?). Definitely needs a spring swap, if I’d even consider daily driving these. :sweat_smile:

The transparent housing works very well with RGB. :partyparrot:

Hm. Though, for $0.70-ish per switch, unless the colorway is particularly attractive to someone’s tastes, I’d maaaybe suggest picking Tangies or Gateron Inks over the Lavenders.

As they are currently, I like 'em well enough. They’re just, visually distinct, but fairly mundane / decently “safe” in feel.

The Blank XDA keycaps, I think, uh, I ordered them intending to use them with the NIU40. :thinking:
…That I also received a lifetime ago and haven’t played around with yet. :dedbodi:
But hey! Finally some color in my keyboards, lol.

Very happy that I bought the black Tofu60 case. Matte black on matte black is always so satisfying. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Now, it’d be really great if someone, somewhere, decided to make some blank black, OEM / XDA / non-Cherry profile, PBT keycaps with lime green modifiers. I’d totally buy it in a heartbeat.