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Every now and then, we come across a board, switch, or other #KeebWeebClub item of interest that breaks out of the “been there, done that” doldrum.

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Posts here will be focused on keeb and keeb-related things that stand out from the crowd. Products that we think are deserving of a little limelight! 20x20


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[Please only post things that are going to be real products.]


MelGeek Mach80 Group Buy

Group Buy Date: June 9, 2021 - June 23, 2021
ETA: September, 2021
Price: $650

Source: MelGeek Mach80 Keyboard Kit from Drop.

  • TKL (Choice of Winkey + Winkeyless)
  • Bluetooth + USB-C Connectivity
    • Comment on Drop: MelGeek confirmed the Mach80 for this Group Buy will not be equipped with the Bluetooth PCB.
  • Hot-Swappable
  • QMK/VIA-Compatible
  • Choice of Custom Logo + Extra Weight/Plate/PCB
  • Anodized/E-Coated Aluminum Body + Weight
    • Ink Black: Anodized Black Case + Anodized Black Weight/Plate
    • Ash Grey: Anodized Grey Case + Anodized Grey Weight/Plate
    • Robin’s Egg Blue: E-Coated Blue Case + Blue Weight/Plate
    • Bee Yellow: E-Coated Yellow Case + Yellow Weight/Plate
    • Cream White: E-Coated White Case + White Weight/Plate
  • Mirror-Polished PVD-Coated Brass Weight


Exploded Diagram:

I am.

Fuuuck there goes my paycheck. 20x20

IDK if it comes in ISO, prooobably not. 20x20
I wonder if it’s QMK-compatible…? :thinking:

Update: Screeew it. The Mach80 not being wireless and not being offered through Drop’s site is kind of a dealbreaker. Uggghhhhhh… MelGeeeeeeeeeek… :tired_face:

But hey, more money in my pocket, I guess. 20x20


Couldn’t find a buy/nut button lol.
Why do I want every single color?! :tired_face:


Den am excite! Been waiting for the minivan to restock since pretending my BM43A was one :rofl:
P.S. TKC, stop stocking things I like… I don’t wanna give you my money! :tired_face:


  • Case material : ABS
  • Colors : White, Black, Clear, Smoke
  • Typing angle : 0 degrees
  • Dimensions : 10in x 3.5in, weighs about 1lb when built

You can also buy an additional MiniVan case separately.


We’ll have two PCB options:

  • MiniVan PCB – Hotswap (no soldering required), featuring split spacebars and a couple of bottom row layout options. Switches are north-facing. There are three RGB lights in the top left.

  • JetVan PCB – Solder-only PCB, featuring a fixed layout with a single spacebar and underglow RGB. Switches are south-facing.

  • Both have a USB-C connection and 1 year warranty


  • Material : Black anodized CNC aluminum plate
  • Mounting style : tray mount
  • Compatible with MX switches
  • Note: MiniVan and JetVan plates are different.

Metal Keycap Sets

Store Link:
ETA: 4 - 8 Weeks
Price: Violently Expensive

Full set of aluminum keycaps in various layouts, with or without legends.

It’s ridiculous, WTFBBQ.
I want them. :neutral_face:


That has to be Typo right?
Edit: oh no it really is the correct price :neutral_face:


Mode SixtyFive Pre-Order

Pre-Order Date: June 25, 2021 - ?
ETA: October, 2021 - December, 2021
Price: $299+

Mode Designs’s Mode SixtyFive Pre-Orders are up! :pepesaber:

Main highlights include ISO Layouts for heretics the European audience, and the absolutely enormous options for customizability – from physical aesthetics, to mounting and layouts, and everything else a QMK keeb has to offer!

SixtyFive Configurator:


  • Compact 60% Layout (65%)
  • ANSI or ISO Layout
  • Hot-Swappable or Soldered PCB
    • Kailh Hot-Swap Sockets (+$10)
    • QMK/VIA-Compatible
    • USB-C Connectivity
  • Versatile Mounting System
    • Top Mount
    • Isolated Top Mount
    • Stack Mount
  • Variety of Materials & Finishes
    • Plate Sizes: ANSI, ISO, ANSI-Half
    • Plate Material: FR4, Black POM, Black Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Brass, Copper, Silver Mirror
    • Top Chassis Finish: Black, Blue-Gray, Maroon, Blue, Lilac, White, Polycarbonate
    • Backpiece Finish: Black, Blue-Gray, Maroon, Blue, Lilac, White, Brass, Copper, Silver Mirror, Black Mirror, Gold Mirror, Multicolor Ti
    • Bottom Chassis Finish: Black, Blue-Gray, Maroon, Blue, Lilac, White, Polycarbonate, Brass, Copper, Silver Mirror
    • Silicone Base Color: Black, Gray, Yellow
    • Rubber Feet Color: Black, Gray, Yellow


Mounting System

Smol Disclaimer: 'Chew owns a Mode Designs First Edition Eighty (Eighty #391, of the 450 × FE Eightys in existence :sunglasses:), so even though 60%s aren’t my market, I will still definitely be biased in Mode Designs’s favor. I enjoy their product and their atmosphere, and they left a very positive first impression when I interacted with them.

Peeps have commented that the SixtyFive is expensive, for a compact keeb at $299+. I can’t say that I agree with that statement, but I also don’t think my disagreement holds much weight (being biased and all).

To explain my perspective, the First Edition Eighty was $650 for me, but like the SixtyFive, offered an all-aluminum chassis, a mirrored finish for its bottom weight / chassis, choice of hot-swappability, compatibility with QMK / VIA for re-mappable layouts / additional layers / custom macros, gasket stack mounting, on top of being a limited-run product (only 450 made), being in-stock (not locked in a Group Buy or Pre-Order), and being in the custom TKL niche.

The Eighty (not First Editions) was priced at $480+, and offered all of the First Edition, sans the mirrored butt and limited run / in-stock dealio (it was Pre-Order), plus more colorways.

Mode Design Eighty Colorways

The niche bit is important, as there are significantly fewer custom TKL kits than compact kits on the market (especially in late 2020, when I bought my keeb), and, as a grossly simplified rule in economics, goods in the high demand but low supply category tend to carry higher price tags.

So, while the SixtyFive is probably more expensive than other all-aluminum, QMK-compatible compact keebs (KBDfans should have a number of competitive options), it is the most affordable keeb that Mode Designs has offered to date. I will concede that judging pricing between keebs with different form factors is a bit invalid, but the basis for that comparison is the SixtyFive takes heavy inspiration from the Eighty’s design. In my eyes, the SixtyFive is like the Eighty’s smaller sibling, so a comparatively lower price tag, on top of more versatile features (e.g. mounting styles, ISO layout, chassis), seems justified. Also, I’ve yet to see another compact keeb offering the sexy stunning mirrored finishes that Mode Designs does. :sunglasses:

Read More:

  • Introducing the SixtyFive from Mode Designs: A more in-depth rundown of the SixtyFive’s physical construction, mounting system, layouts, plus some early details about specs, pricing, and estimated timeline.
  • SixtyFive - Pricing and Availability from Mode Designs: More details of the SixtyFive’s pricing in relation to customizable options, materials and finishes, and the ordering / fulfillment process.