[Build Log] Productivity Office - Lazer3D HT5 - Uplift V2 - Dual LG DualUp

Desk – Uplift V2 C-Frame • 60x30 Acacia Butcher Block Top

Monitors – 2x LG DualUp (SDQHD 2560x2880) aka 28MQ780-B

Mouse - MX Master 3S
Keyboard - Cyberboard R2 w/ PBTfans Purpolch & Gateron Oil Kings
Speakers - Vanatoo Transparent Zero Plus

Why not a single 43” monitor? – I VASTLY prefer two physically separate monitors for staying on task.

Case - Lazer3D HT5 Case w/ Walnut Bezel
CPU/Mobo - 13900HX via Minisforum AR900i MoDT Mobo
RAM - Crucial 96GB (2x48GB) DDR5 5600 (@5200)
Storage - 4TB Sabrent Rocket + Rocket 2TB FireCuda
GPU - Gigabyte RTX 4060 LP
PSU - HDPlex GaN 250W

I set up a separate office space in the house as a workhorse area. Two LG DualUps for reviewing lots of documents, proposals, and drawings. Very few distractions, and no real way to do any gaming since a 16:18 60Hz display is the opposite of that lol. The lighting is RGB for photos but will be some spectrum of daylight most of the time.

No fancy name for this one… I just call it “HT5” on the network. Simple and straight to the point.

I’ve been a fan of the LG DualUps for a while now. I have them in every office, and decided this setup would be ONLY DualUps. I knew I wanted a standing desk, and I knew I wanted small speakers. The Vanatoo T0+ are the newer variant of the speakers I have at work. Both use 3rd part subs (SVS at work, Klipsch at home) and provide big sounds in a compact package. They are some of the best speakers for audio calls, and music is a wonderful experience for a little less than critical listening.

The Uplift V2 was one of the pricier options for sit/stand desks, but I’m glad I went with it. It couldn’t have been easier to put together, and you can tell these types of desks are the main focus behind their business. We have cheaper ones at the office from other brands and the assembly process is way worse, the desks rise slowly, they wobble, and I couldn’t imagine putting body weight on it. With the Uplift V2, I’ve definitely used it as a lift lol.

I do have some issues with the wood top. You can feel the imperfections in the finish on your forearms when typing. It drives me a little crazy. My hope is that it just wears down to unnoticeable in a couple of weeks. I should have gone with the Chevron pattern. It was a little more money, but the pattern seems overall more composed. The sheer randomness of the wood planks on mine poke at my OCD due to it looking low effort. This feeling will pass over time though. Just know the samples on the website are probably cherry picked, best case scenarios.

For lighting, I was going to keep it simple, but that went out the window quickly. There are 7 Philips Hue 1600 Lumen bulbs in the office, and two Hue Light Tubes. I don’t love how expensive the Hue ecosystem is, but it’s always responsive and I never have to worry about it. I’ve tried alternatives and if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s being ignored by my IoT devices. That happened a lot with some of the other stuff out there.

For the computer, that came together pretty simply. I was destined to end up with a Minisforum BD790i, AR900i, or both. I will own both eventually, but the AR900i showed up first. The 96GB RAM kit is for the fact that I never close anything and I get definitely get into the 80s on this build when I have high res projects open. I ordered the Lazer3D HT5 before getting either of the boards. I’ve had my HDPlex GaN 250W since it came out and it’s been in a few projects, but this build with be its forever home™.

A word of caution if you’re considering either of these boards for niche cases. The CPU is offset, so the cooler and fan will end up interfering with the power input cutouts. That’s why I went with the NF-A12X15 over the X25. I could probably cut a larger hole near the top, but eh… I’m sitting in the 60-70s under my heaviest workload, so I’m alright with it. Given the case has 4 M.2 slots, I will probably mod it to mount my M.2 10GBe Ethernet card.

The low profile 4060 was an easy choice. The other low profile cards from Nvidia are older, but not at all discounted. When I picked that, the 3050 LP 6GB didn’t exist, but does now. That would have been in here instead. This build will NEVER game. I just need to drive these monitors and use CUDA for drawings when needed.

I’m sure this setup and build will change over time, but for now, I am as happy as I can be with it.


Amputated the corner of a Pure Wings 2 (needed clearance for the power connector at the rear of the case), so the 15mm Noctua is now a 25mm BeQuiet. Not sure how much of a different it’s making as it was pretty well cooled before the swap, but I feel better now having made full use of the space.


I added magnets to my light bar that rests on top of the DualUp mount. It would fall off if the desk was bumped. This has it sitting extremely securely.

I also replaced the stock power button. I appreciate the stealthiness of the black one, but the travel distance is a tad long and there’s no tactility. This replacement 12mm is on the crisp side, and I like the color contrast of the bare metal.

Lastly since I had to move the GPU to get to the button, I also re-did the cable management.