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Monstargear / Prevail Key Co. News - XO QMK Hot-Swap PCB Delays
Region: South Korea, U.S.

Background Context
Back in April 17 - April 22, Prevail Key Co. announced that a shipment of XO K80 Hot-Swap PCBs went missing. To compensate the customers that entered the XO K80 Group Buy / Pre-Order through their storefront, Prevail Key Co. decided to front the cost of ordering new Hot-Swap PCBs to replace those that were lost. The new PCBs would be delivered directly from Monstargear in South Korea to Prevail Key Co.'s customers.

Fast foward two months, and Monstargear has announced that customers awaiting Hot-Swap PCBs should expect further delays. They inspected a batch of XO Hot-Swap PCBs, but discovered some LEDs were damaged in the manufacturing process. Monstargear’s manufacturer claims the issue should be addressed in a week, but Monstargear suspects the delay will take longer.

For impatient customers that desire a quick resolution to the whole fiasco, Monstargear is offering the option either to swap the Hot-Swap PCB for a Soldered PCB (and be refunded the difference in cost), or to receive a full refund for the Group Buy / Pre-Order.

Source: Prevail Key Co. (Context)

Date: April 17, 2021

@everyone You really can’t make this ship up.

About 70 of the K80 PC orders went out today, which we dropped off personally because we didn’t trust USPS to take them.

While fulfilling orders we noted we were short hotswap PCBs. Talked to Monstargear, they provided proof that the PCBs were sent.

Remembered the delivery guy saying he had to take apart the pallet and split the shipment, to make it easier to offload.

So somewhere between Jacksonville and here, there are now two boxes of hotswap PCBs just gone. I’ve already sent messages to the logistics company, so until we hear back, we will fulfill the rest of the K80 orders that went solder PCB.

This just further cements my decision not to proxy any more GB’s or run GB’s in general. Moving forward we are going to focus on in-stock buys or running pre-orders ourselves (and only ourselves). We’ve backed out of running the 3ildcat deskmat, so Monstargear will be finding another US vendor.

Soon as we have more info for the K80 PCB situation, we’ll share it. I’m going to go have a drink now.

Date: April 19, 2021

@everyone The rest of the K80 orders that were solder PCB only went out today.

I contacted the shipping company this morning and they said they’re looking into the missing boxes and will get back to me asap. As soon as I have information regarding the missing hotswap PCBs, I will post it. Please don’t ask for updates because if you don’t see any updates, then that means there is none.

Also as of now, we went through the google form and have either re-sent or refunded orders from the USPS snafu (missing packages on April 5th pickup). Except for a few that mentioned holding their order while certain items restock.

If you’re reading this and have not received a new tracking confirmation or refund notification (and have filled out the form), DM me or email [email protected] and we’ll take care of you.

Date: April 22, 2021

@everyone Okay, so the logistics company is basically telling us tough shit. Long story short, the delivery driver showed up with the K80s and said “I had to split the pallet to make it easier to offload”, this was after the fact, didn’t ask us first. It wasn’t until after he left, we start going through everything later that night, we noticed the shortage of hotswap PCBs.

Now the driver is saying he didn’t split the pallet and offloaded it as it was, so we have to file a claim. Luckily we have pictures but still means we have to jump through hoops and the trucking company they used, has no obligation to approve the claim. Lesson learned to go through and inspect the shipment before signing off, so I’ll admit I was stupid there.

We are going to eat the cost of 45 hotswap PCBs that we were shorted, because K80 customers have been through enough. The only problem is, it’s going to take 3-4 weeks for them to get made according to Monstargear.

Monstargear has graciously agreed to ship the hotswap PCBs directly to the affected customers as soon as they have them, meanwhile we will go ahead and fulfill the rest of the K80 orders so customers at least have their boards.

We cannot apologize enough for this cursed GB, but we’re doing our best to make it right, please hang in there just a little bit longer. We will be sending an email out as well to the rest of the waiting K80 customers.

Source: Prevail Key Co. Discord Server, #announcements Channel.

Source: Monstargears (Summary)

Hello, @everyone
I am so sorry to saying this but we have a problem on XO QMK hot-swap PCB.
During QC on our side we found LED issues.
We checked from manufacture and found out that some LEDs has damaged during manufacturing process.
We are sending back to manufacture for replace all the LEDs on the PCBs.
Manufacture said it will takes about a week but I think that will take more than a week.
I am so sorry for the continuous delay.

I know there is a lot of people who ordered from and form us waiting for the PCB to arrived.
If you don’t want to wait any longer, I can suggest two thing.

  1. Change to solderable PCB and get refund the difference.
  2. Get a full refund.

Once again I’m so sorry for the long waiting and delay.

Source: Monstargear Discord Server, #announcements Channel.


Region: Norway, International.

  • Code MECHBUY473 for a 10% Off Discount with an order.

METAL KEYBOARDS carries a selection of aluminum keycap sets. Sample:

Store Link:


Spacecables / Ashkeebs / Oblotsky / Monokei News - Ex Arkhe Group Buy Cancelled
Region: U.S., Canada, E.U., S.E.A.

The Ex Arkhe TKL Group Buy has been cancelled.

If the GB launched, the keyboard would’ve have featured:

  • H88 PCB by Hineybrush: QMK-based, with VIA files.
    • F13 TKL Form Factor: Symmetrical Esc-Function Row, with F1 - F13 keys.
    • WKL, Tsangan Layout: 1.25U Modifiers + 7U Spacebar.
    • ANSI + ISO Layout: Supports 2.25U Enter + “Big Ass” Enter.
  • All-Aluminum Case + Plate
  • "O-Ring" Mounting

Personal Thoughts
'Chew has a soft spot for TKLs and was silently cheering the Ex Arkhe on. I was immediately reminded of my Mode Eighty keeb, since both were TKLs that featured an all-metal chassis with a seamless, curved bottom piece (also, both were exhorbitantly expensive, haha).

Mode Design First Edition Eighty (USD$600)

Mode Design Eighty (USD$490)

Ex Arkhe (USD$500)

Though, the WKL / Tsangan bottom row was the dealbreaker for me. While I appreciate the symmetry of Tsangan, it actually gnaws on my OCD, and I much prefer the consistency of a standardized row of 7 × 1.25U Modifiers versus the 4 × 1.25U + 2 × 1U Winkey blockers. Also, I do use the Windows key for shortcuts (Win + E, especially), or to bring up the search bar. :sweat_smile:

Read More: [GB] Ex Arkhe on GeekHack.

Source: GeekHack

Due to not being on the right trajectory to hit the intended moq, it has been decided to close and cancel the GB early. I apologise to everyone that joined or was intending to join. Those that have ordered will be refunded within standard time frames.
I have identified several areas that may have contributed to the failure of the GB:

  • Bad timing: running the GB immediately after/overlapping with an unlimited TGR GB meant that many prospective buyers would have insufficient funds and be unable to join
  • Sub-par marketing on my part
  • Lacking reputation as a designer
  • Not running a ‘limited’ GB; as alot of keyboard sales in general feel special due to their finite nature even if no more or less units are sold. In addition, for open GBs where there is no time pressure i personally tend to enter at the last minute (admittedly this could be specific to myself)
  • My design language being foreign to the community (not tried and tested or safe)

I am confident in the quality of the design; the sound, feeling and aesthetics of the keyboard being sold in my opinion made it worth buying at the list price and compared to comparable options. I feel that if one or two of the outlined issues were not present then the GB could’ve been successful.

My current intention is to use this as a positive experience and drive to work towards designing better tools - keyboard related or otherwise. I intend to build recognition for my work and design before attempting any further public sales.
In the future I will run private buys, and potentially commissions through my discord. I will also contact vendors about designing for them.

Hopefully you haven’t seen the last of me

Source: [GB] Ex Arkhe on GeekHack.

Source: Ashkeebs

@GB Announcements Hey there everyone,

Unfortunately the Ex Arkhe group buy has been cancelled; it doesn’t seem like it will hit MOQ. Those who have made orders will be contacted and orders cancelled and refunded. Our apologies to those who were interested; I personally really like the board and would have been buying the Black/Blue combo!

Source: Ashkeebs Discord Server, #:loudspeaker:┃gb-announcements Channel.


capsunlocked - Discount
Region: U.K., E.U., International(?)

  • Code YRRW359032Q for a 10% Off Discount.

capsunlocked carries a small selection of ISO keyboard kits, rotary encoders, and accessories. Most of their products are Group Buys, but they sell a limited amount of in-stock Extras (leftovers from Group Buys).

Store Link:


KPrepublic News - Shipping Policy Update
Region: China, E.U.

KPrepublic will begin charging a VAT for E.U. orders. I’m uncertain how much they will demand under the pretense of VAT; neither their Discord announcement nor their site’s Shipping Policy offered a definitive percentage.

Regardless, KPrepublic seems to still be offering free worldwide shipping.

Source: KPrepublic

IMPORTANT UPDATE for shipment on Since the EU customs policy updates, we have to add the VAT FEE to order from EU. Customers from EU members countires (27 Countries) needs to pay a VAT fee to us. Since the new policy just activates, we will keep an eye on the policy and update our fee as well. Thank you for your understanding. For expedited shipping, we don’t charge for the VAT fee. You may need to pay for it if assigns to you. Thank you.

Source: KPrepublic Discord Server, #europe Channel.


X-Bows - Discount
Region: U.S.

X-Bows is offering a 20% Off Discount on their Knight and Knight Plus keyboards, as well as $21 Off their Nature keyboards. For a limited time, they’re also offering a free gift with every keyboard purchase.

X-Bows carries a very small selection of ergonomically-designed keyboards, such as those above, which sport a “Cross-Radial Ergonomic Layout.”

Store Link:

X-Bows Email Contents (Snippet)

I received more info about the status of the Knight, Knight Plus, and Nature keyboards in an X-Bows email, but the phrasing was a bit ambiguous and I’m not certain how I should interpret it:

We’re wrapping up the final production for our Knight and Knight Plus keyboards. Delivery will take place before the end of the month.

X-Bows Nature pre-orders have shipped to customers and we are now able to fulfill Nature orders immediately.

X-Bows Knight and Knight Plus models are now beginning manufacturing. This is the last chance to order at 20% off. They’ll be shipped before the end of June.

My confusion primarily lies with the ETA for the Knight and Knight Plus boards, though my heavy doubt might just be muddling up a simple message.

  • Knight and Knight Plus are simultaneously in “final production” stages, and “beginning manufacturing” stages?
  • X-Bows Nature is now in-stock, I suppose? The sentence is a bit wordy.
  • Knight and Knight Plus have only just begun being manufactured, yet X-Bows is promising that customers will receive their orders before the end of June (within 8 days)?

Bolsa Keyboard Supply - 4th of July Weekend Sale
Region: U.S.
Date: July 3 - July 4

  • Code MURICA for a 10% Off Discount on any order.

Bolsa Supply carries a small selection of deskmats, switches, keyboard accessories, and switch modding tools and accessories. Note that much of their selection is sold out (and has always been?); I suspect they carry only a small quantity of in-stock items. Sample:

Store Link:


KeBo Store - Fourth of July Sale
Region: U.S.
Date: July 2 - July 5

  • Code Celebrate for a 10% Off Discount on lubricants, switch films, tools, and more.

KeBo Store carries a small selection of keyboard parts for DZ60 builds, switches, lubricants, and switch modding tools and accessories. Sample:

Store Link:

Subjective Opinions

KeBo Store’s Arctos switches have very divisive feedback (e.g. Arctos Switch Review, but scroll down to the comments section). I recall reading comments complaining about its abhorrent scratchiness and unremarkable tactility on their site, but those comments seem to no longer exist; in their place is one glowing 5-star review. Although, it’s been a year since I last looked at Arctos switches, and KeBo Store may or may not have improved the switch since then.


bespoke.keys - 4th of July Discount
Region: U.S.
Date: July 2 - July 5

  • Code BESPOKE4TH for a 10% Off Discount with any order of in-stock items.

bespoke.keys carries a small selection of switches, stabilizers, modding tools and accessories, and other miscellaneous items. Most of their interesting stuff (usually switches) is caught up in Group Buys. Sample of in-stock items:

Store Link :
Store Link for In-Stock Items : In-Stock Products – bespoke.keys


Keebio - Independence Day Weekend Sale
Region: U.S.
Date: July 3 - July 5

  • Code ByePommies for a 10% Off Discount any order.

Keebio carries a selection of split keyboard kits, and associated parts and accessories. Sample:

Store Link:

5 Likes - 4th of July Sale
Region: Poland, International(?)

  • Code 4THJULY for a 15% Off Discount with any order. offers mats tailored to specific keyboard form factors:

  • 40% KEEBMAT
  • 60% KEEBMAT
  • 65% KEEBMAT
  • 75% / TKL KEEBMAT
  • Alice KEEBMAT

Store Link:


The Right PC - July 4th Weekend Sale
Region: U.S., International

  • Code JULY4TH for a 15% Off Discount with any order.

The Right PC offers a very small selection of deskmats and stickers:

Store Link:
B-Stock Deskmats: B-Stock– The Right PC


ZealPC - 4th of July Sale
Region: Canada, U.S., International

ZealPC is offering a site-wide 15% Off Discount. Also, Free Shipping will be offered for U.S. / Canada orders over USD$150, and International orders over USD$200.

ZealPC carries a selection of switches, stabilizers, and switch modding tools and accessories. Sample:

Store Link:
Sale Link: Holiday Sale - Zeal Generation Inc.

Subjective Opinions

ZealPC’s switch modding tools and accessories (Gateron Switch Opener, Krytox Lubricant) are a bit overpriced, and available from other stores. I’d suggest taking advantage of the sale only for ZealPC’s switches, and browsing elsewhere for the Gateron Switch Opener and Krytox Lubricant, if they interest you.


ELBOARD Keyboard Supply - Discount
Region: Canada, U.S., International
Date: July 5 - July 7 (ET)

  • Code Fireworks for a 10% Off Discount on all in-stock items.

Elboard carries a selection of stabilizers, switches, and switch modding tools and accessories. Sample:

Store Link:
Store Link for In-Stock Items: In-stock – ELBOARD Keyboard Supply


Mecha Store - Discount
Region: Singapore, International

  • Code MGB10 for a 10% Off Discount with any order.

Mecha Store carries a selection of pre-built and customizable keyboards, keycaps, stabilizers, switches, switch modding tools and accessories, deskmats, and wrist rests. A smaller selection of PCBs, mounting plates, and lubricants is available as well. Sample:

Store Link:


bespoke.keys - Free Shipping + Discount
Region: North America, International
Date: July 10 - July 11

  • North America Only: Code BESPOKEWEEKEND for Free Shipping with an order of USD$45+.
  • International (and North America): Code BESPOKEFAM for a 10% Off Discount with any order.

bespoke.keys carries a small selection of switches, stabilizers, modding tools and accessories, and other miscellaneous items. Most of their interesting stuff (usually switches) is caught up in Group Buys.

Store Link:


SwitchKeys - Discount
Region: Australia, International (U.K. Excluded)

  • Code ITSCOMINGROME for a 15% Off Discount with any in-stock order over AUD$15.

Switch Keys carries a small selection of keycaps, switches, switch modding tools and accessories, and deskmats. Sample:

Store Link:


KPrepublic - Discounts & Limited Time Bundles
Region: China, Free Worldwide Shipping

Date: July 11 - July 13

Date: July 12

Date: July

  • Code KPDiscDayJul for a discount on any order placed within this month.

Store Link:


Mekibo - Buy 3 Free 1 Deskmat
Region: U.S., International (Mexico Excluded)

  • Code BLKMUN4 for a free Dark Celestial Deskmat (B-Stock) with an order of 3 × Dark Celestial Deskmats (B-Stock).

B-Stock vs. A-Stock Deskmat

B-Stock Deskmat

This is a B-stock product due to a color-matching issue, meaning the color did not come out like the renders: The circle is a bit pink-ish and the background is a bit faded with blue tint.

A-stock and B-stock deskmats are still made from the same material, stitching style, and printing quality. Beside the coloring issue, there are no difference in quality between this mat and others that we have sold on this website.

Dark Celestial Deskmat (B-Stock) Link: Dark Celestial Deskmat (B-stock) – Mekibo

Subjective Opinions

Essentially, that’s $54-ish (minus shipping and taxes) for four subpar deskmats (900mm × 400mm). Also worth noting is each B-Stock deskmat is priced at $18, whereas many other similarly-sized deskmats – especially exclusive designs offered from keeb stores – usually go for $20+.

Nice deal if the aesthetics appeal to you, you aren’t too bugged by the washed-out colors, and if you’re actually looking for three or four deskmats, lol.


Mechboards UK - Giveaway (Round 3)
Region: U.K., E.U., International(?)

Mechboards UK (MBUK) is hosting a giveaway on

Giveaway Items:

"Brutal Betty" Keyboard