Dashlane alternatives? Password manager recommendations?

I’m getting frustrated with Dashlane ever since they’ve announced that they’ll cease support for their desktop app and instead focus on their half-assed web app that doesn’t even support U2F keys which if you ask me is a downgrade in security.

My login credentials typically contain basically the most precious stuff in my life so online banking, emails for school, personal, and business, and investments so I’d need a password manager that has a good track record of patching vulnerabilities immediately and has demonstrated that their service is secured by design and not an afterthought (so no LastPass for me never again).

  • Multi-device support and cloud syncing (doesn’t matter if they host in AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, or it gives me an option to select which cloud provider).

  • iOS and Android apps

  • Multi-factor authentication using the likes of Yubikey

  • Preferably not free. The problem with free stuff is that your data becomes their source of income and security is never guaranteed. So subscription based.

Basically to anyone thinking about using Dashlane, I plead you to avoid it at all cost because it’s a piece of shit now.


My dad for count less years uses splashid
It’s a subscription.


I’ve been using bitwarden since the lastpass fiasco and I like it. They have free and paid tiers, but I’m still using the free version 'cause it’s enough for my needs.

They support hardware keys, but only for premium members, iirc.

They’re open source, if you’re into that.

There are apps for mobile and desktop.


Thanks. After some reading looks like I’m settling for Bitwarden


Look into the export/import options if you haven’t already, just to make your life easier.