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Here, have a thing(s):

Check pages 13 - 16 for lighting effect and other hotkeys, so you don’t have to install dumbo GMMK software. :grin:

20x20 20x20 20x20 20x20 20x20


asdfghkl; thanks very much, it came with manual but too lazy to get the box now .-.

why dog fur already stuck between keys!



even more one of us noises



Here’s my two that I care about. Top is my daily driver G Pro X with GX Browns (which replaced my regular G Pro with Romer G tactiles that has some blue LED failure, I use that with my XP machine now). Entirely depends on my mood for the day on which I prefer, though I pretty much always prefer the Romer’s sound.

Bottom is a Dell QuietKey RT7D5JTW that I scored NIB for an absolute steal 6 years and a little over a week ago, and it’s muh baby. I’d absolutely love to find a NIB Alps version that isn’t abhorrently expensive, but I doubt I’ll ever get that lucky.



Awww yiiisss…! :100: 20x20
Gotta go fast, baby! :laughing:




Eighty #391 + /dev/tty MT3 Keycaps Update!

Drop + Matt3o /dev/tty MT3 Keycap Set
Den touched it. :eyes:
…No context.

TTY, Uh... /dev/tty Thoughts n' Pics!

Stuff Me Likey:

  • High-Profile Keycaps: Keycap height is significantly taller compared to keycaps in OEM profile (and Cherry profile, of course).
  • Concave Surface: Indent starts from the four outer edges and curves softly towards the middle of the keycap.
  • Rounded Corners: Gentle and finger-friendly, lends the keycap an almost cute appearance?
  • Blank Keycaps: Love 'em. IDK how else to explain it other than 20x20.
  • PBT Material: Smoother and softer(?) surface feel compared to the EnjoyPBT Blank Black keycaps (also PBT) I’m used to? …Odd… 20x20
    In-Stock : Arguably one of the most important factors for any buy, even more so for Drop products with dumbo shipping ETAs. If it’s not in-stock or will not be fulfilled within a reasonable time, my interest wanes.

Stuff That… Uh… [Anguished Noises]:

  • Blank Modifier Keycaps : Trying to differentiate R2 from R3 blank keycaps took me… longer than I would’ve liked. Cue me squinting at pics from Drop’s product page, at pics from Keycaps.io, and at the physical keycap held up to the light at specific angles. 20x20

Eighty #391 + /dev/tty MT3 Keycaps (Red)
Red? Nay, Rouge.

Eighty #391 + /dev/tty MT3 Keycaps (Gray)

Eighty #391 + /dev/tty MT3 Keycaps (Gray)
Marshmallows! (⊃゜▽゜)⊃━□□□

Eighty #391 - A Closer Look #2
Notice the home row keys – specifically the F and J keys. There’s no distinct tactile bump or other visible difference between the F/J keys and the other alphabetical keys. In terms of feeling, the F/J keys are ever-so-slightly more concave compared to the others.

Eighty #391 - A Closer Look #2
The astute might notice an very, very marginal difference in keycap height in the home row here. :face_with_monocle:

Sound Sample: Modded Ink Black (150g) Switches + /dev/tty MT3 Keycaps

…TBH, I prefer the sound of the EnjoyPBT Blank Black Keycaps. Spacebar sound is particularly irritating. Although, I have the R4 Spacebar/Bottom Row (angled profile) in, and I’m noticing that the bottom row keycaps scrape against the R4 row’s keycaps sometimes. Might try the R5 Spacebar/Bottom Row (flat profile) and see if that changes things. :thinking:

BIG BUTTS (20x20)
Truth be told, I planned to use these keycaps with another board. The other parts for the other board hadn’t arrived, however (probably won’t arrive until late next month, TBH), aaand I couldn’t keep my eager hands off the keycaps. 20x20

From the start, the Eighty #391 plus the /dev/tty MT3 keycap set was meant to be a temporary arrangement. Like a frisky one-night stand – a new experience for that fresh and reinvigorating feeling, but not something that’s meant to last. Sometimes a memory is made all the more sweeter simply because it won’t be revisited ever again, no? After this fun little romp with some shades of gray, it’ll be back to good o’ black for my daily driver. :grin:

…Very hungry for a black and dark gray version of this blank keycap set. 20x20
( It exists. It’s called the Drop + Matt3o MT3 3277 Keycap Set. …I’ve already pre-ordered it. Self-control, wazzat?)


Eighty #391 Update - Freaking Flawless
Got my custom cable with aviator connectors!

Would you like some extra shilling with that order?

I said it in my other post (Post your shinny new things!) and I’ll say it here too:

Everything about this purchasing experience – customization, communication, shipping, physical product – either met or exceeded my expectations. I do not enjoy actual shopping (versus window shopping) and placing online orders; too much vulnerability with the merchant taking my money first and then delivering on their promise later, too many middlemen in the process from ordering to communication to delivery, and too much hassle with customer support if there’s an issue with my order. But from the moment I received a message from the seller exactly 25 minutes after I received my confirmation email, I got a good feeling about my purchase.

Message with “Abby Z,” of StrikerCables (Dec 23)
Not a half-assed generic message like “Hello and thank you,” or “We’ve received your order.”
But a definitive and professional promise: I will get started on this tonight.

That’s excellent news. That’s especially excellent news for custom cables, because I’ve been lurking (Reddit, Discord, rumors), and lead times for many custom cable vendors are disgustingly long. I am a patient person, but not so patient as to wait two months or half a year for a freaking cable. Put on your seatbeats, peeps, here’s me throwing vendors under the bus:

  • Mechcables: Issues with communication and lead time. The last thing I want is to contact more people, especially online payment services like PayPal or my bank, just to get my order going. (Source: Reddit)
  • Rosecables: Their Discord is quiet, but the seller is active, responsive, and releases updates regularly. Unfortunately, they’re backed up on past orders, recently stopped accepting new ones, and shipping seems to be delayed. When people ask about ETA on their orders, the answer is usually 1-2 months. (Source: Discord)
  • Winnja: Significant issue in lead time. Apparently geo3 placed his order in Feb, and received it in May. Three months for simple straight aviator cables? Yeeeaaah… No thank you. (Source: LTT Post)

YMMV, of course. I will acknowledge that most my sources are sample sizes of one, but one terrible account is enough for me to distrust a custom vendor. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I specifically went for StrikerCables’ custom cable listing because I wanted some particular options with my cable, and by sheer process-of-elimination, theirs was the only Etsy listing that met my criteria:

  • Matte Black Aviator Connectors : Many sellers offer custom cables fitted with aviator connectors, but most have the connectors in default chrome/silver, not black.
  • Long Coils: Shorter coils might work for compact keebs, but I’ve got a TKL and I want a purposely purchased addition to my keeb to augment my desk setup, not to be meek and overshadowed.

In terms of customizability, this particular custom cable listing offered a decent selection of colors, a very healthy selection of cable lengths, and more aviator connector options than I expected (GX12, GX16, and YC8). Here’s the setup I went for:

  • Paracord: Black.
  • TechFlex: Black.
  • Heatshrink: Black.
  • Cerakote Color: Black.
  • Connector Accent: Black.
  • Device Type: USB-C.

Well, that was easy. Surely no one’s surprised by now? :rofl:

Exactly one week after I placed my order (Dec 30), the custom cable arrived in pristine condition.

Custom Double Sleeved Coiled Cable w/GX16 Aviator Connectors
That is the most genuinely pleasant smiley face I have ever gazed upon. :grin:

Black Cerakoted GX16 Connector + 8" (20 cm) Coil
Coils are tight. Finishes are clean. Colors are sharp. :ok_hand:

Eighty #391 + Custom Cable
All systems go!

Eighty #391 + Custom Cable + Danbos
I think Danbo enjoys it too. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Current Desk Setup - Top-Down Perspective
Do Danbos Dream of Boxy Sheep? :ram:

Need to remind myself to leave a glowing review on their product page. Too busy shilling, haven’t started on that yet. 20x20

Absolutely. Freaking. Flawless.


Do you know how many desks I have?! :tired_face:
This is going to be expensive lol.

The forum thinks I #KeebWeebClub too much...


…Oh no my hand slipped.

MelGeek Series Custom Cable from GeekCable
Lookit those connectors! Chonnnky! :grin:

Saw this on Etsy (also black + gold-ish colors reminded me of Den? :flushed:), but a little too late. Had already ordered mine from StrikerCables. Also, unsure about their customization options. :thinking:

…Ships from China. One month delivery. Nevermind. :sweat_smile:


Den is once again saved by impatience.


I kinda need that keycap set tho.
I tried to ignore it, but I can’t.


Keeb chores! Installing some new keycaps and some BKE Redux heavy domes.


Den-Fi’s GK64 Update!
With Halo Clears from Den’s Drop SHIFT! 20x20
Also I hear that halo-halo is bomb. Haven’t tried it before, though. 20x20

Halo Clear + Hako Royal Clear Switches - Visual Comparison
Top: Halo Clear Switch. Bottom: Hako Royal Clear.
Halo Clear has a MX-stem and a matte-like top housing, while the Hako Royal Clear has a BOX-stem and a clearer, more transparent top housing. 20x20

Den-Fi’s GK64 - Before
Kailh BOX Jades + Kailh BOX Navys!
Can’t get over how sharp and clean the clicks are. :kissing_heart: :ok_hand:

Den-Fi’s GK64 - After
Want. 20x20

Sound Samples: Den-Fi’s GK64 + Halo Clears
Gotta Go Fwast!

Tatsu: Geminox, please cool down!

Halo Clear Notes

  • Tactility : Compared to stock Hako Royal Clears, the Halo Clears have a significantly smoother bump. Think, a rounded corner versus a sharp 90° angle – the bump definitely exists, but it gently eases the fingers downwards as the switch is pressed. There’s some tactile feedback on the upstroke as well, and I’m undecided whether it adds to or takes away from my typing experience.
  • Stem Wobble : Word of warning, there’s a fair bit of room between the stem and switch housing, which makes for wobbly stems and wobbly keycaps. Not an issue for regular typing, but when my fingers aren’t active, they sorta… idly caress the keycaps. And when the keycaps move laterally against my touch, and it’s… an unnerving feeling…?
  • Acoustics : Thocky sounds are solid and muted, but pretty loud when I type regularly (IMO). Do take into account my bias towards super heavy (and subsequently quiet) linears, though.

More of my oddball switch preferences showing, as I kinda prefer the Halo Clears’ soft bump and muted thocks compared to the stock Hako Royal Clears’ sharp edge? But the stem wobble is a bit of an issue, and not something I can remedy easily, I think (switch films help for loose switch housings, but not for loose stems). Still, the Halo Clears are fine starter switches and a good fit for the Drop ALT/CTRL/SHIFT/ENTR – a light aperitif to wet one’s appetite for the keeb buffet. :yum:

If we’re going with the tapioca theme, I’d liken the Halo Clears to chewing on nata de coco (i.e. coconut jello)? There’s a slightly firm reistance before you bite into it, but after you get your teeth in, it squishes apart.

…Ugh, I’m drooling and I really really really want boba. 20x20


I think I may start equating all of my switch related experiences to food lol.


My long awaited 45-ATS grail has arriveeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!


Finally building a polycarb board!


Danbo drew a thingy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Uh, my Discord handle is there 'cos I was using this pic for role requests. 20x20