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@seon shared this a lil’ while back and I can’t stop thinking about it, send help:

I want it and I want it but I don’t need it BUT I want it.

I mean, I want to build something similar, taking an ortholinear keeb and converting all of its keys to Discord emoji macros. Been looking at the NIU Mini because upcoming KBDfans CNY discounts, but also at the XD75 and ID75. Basically any ortholinear keeb that supports QMK firmware.

NIU Mini would be an interesting project:

  • EZPZ Part: Would give me an excuse to invest in a soldering kit (so far I’ve been coasting by on hot-swappable PCBs).
  • Butt Pain Part: Need to figure out how to create QMK macro scripts. Simple text strings should be easy. I just… need to learn the scripting part. From scratch. F-f-f-f-f-f-f-eeeeeeeeeehhhck-k-ck-ck-ck-ck. :tired_face:


Other Tater Tots n’ Considerations

  • I’m convinced I can’t do the macro part in AutoHotkey (not that I even know how to do it in the first place 20x20), because – if I understand it correctly – AutoHotkey takes a single key and applies its hotkey macro whenever the key is pressed. Example: If I map something to the Tilde key, that map will be applied whenever I press the Tilde on both Keeb 1 and Keeb 2. I want the macro to execute only when I press keys on the ortholinear keeb.
  • I dinkered around with the QMK Configurator (NIU Mini) for a bit, and I thiiink I might need to write the QMK thingy m’self, if I want custom macro strings. Shiiiiiiiiiimata (しまった).
  • Theoretically, I can flash whatever QMK .JSON-IDK-thingymajigy onto just the ortholinear keeb, and retain normal keeb functionality on my other keebs. Theoretically, because I haven’t tried it yet. 20x20
  • Theoretically #2, the flashed keeb should retain its macro keymap even after I unplug the keeb from the PC. Hopefully. :crossed_fingers:
  • Yes, I have 3 keebs and 1 macropad/numpad. Thing is, two of those keebs (R2-968, MGK64) as well as the macropad don’t support QMK firmware (AFAIK?), and the only one that does is the Eighty #391, WHICH I AM NOT CONVERTING TO A MEME MACHINE (:angry:). Also, none of the keebs are in a nice and neat ortholinear layout.

TLDR: I’m talking outta my butt, IDK what’s going on. Brain, stop making me want things, FFS. :weary:

Edit: Wellp. Currently no ortholinear boards with high-profile silver cases (that I want/feel confident in) in stock. Friggity frack. :weary:

Also, just discovered that the NIU Mini, XD75, and ID75 are seemingly supported by VIA firmware as well. Iiiiiiiiiinteresting… 20x20


Not gonna lie, I contemplated converting my NIU40 since I don’t use it anymore.
I might just send it to you to remove the urge lol.


Desk Setup @ Work!
Pls excuse bad pic and dusty desk and too much white light/glare. :sweat_smile:
Also I kept StickyNote!TVwazpika. Couldn’t bring myself to chuck it away. :sweat_smile:

Keeb – I think– is a Lenovo Essential Wired Keyboard, which I decently like! A cheapo membrane keeb, yus, but it’s been very reliable and quite nice to daily drive thus far. Keypresses are all consistent, comfortable, and relatively quiet, plus there’s been no weird hitching issues or key chatter. Legends are slightly embossed and can be felt by the fingertips. My only issue, I suppose, is that the legends seem to be pad printed on the keycaps. Smoool potatoes – they haven’t worn off yet, so I’m still happi (for now). 20x20

Mouse is noice n’ reliable too, I wanna say a Lenovo Essential Wired Mouse? An optical mouse that is a good size for my hands, doesn’t pick up too much grime (compared to rubber-grip mice), and has decent tracking.

Old worn mousepad be mine that I brought to work, bought it some odd years ago and it’s… well, it’s still usable. :laughing: I just chuck it in the washing machine when the dirt becomes too much of an eyesore, and it pops out clean n’ all. Can’t do anything about it’s frayed edges, I don’t think. 20x20

And uhhh… Vaseline is for hands, 'cos weather is dry and my skin has a habit of cracking/scarring/spontaneously bleeding? Helps with papercuts, too. Defo not for 20x20 purposes, m’kay.


We have some of those keebs around.
They are definitely some of the only craptastic factory keebs that don’t get thrown at the wall.

Desk lube.

It is perfectly okay to have a professional hand lubricant on your desk. Don’t let anyone shame you.


Me tryna find blank black XDA keycap sets be like:

Plenty for blank black DSA sets. Some options for just blank XDA sets, but where all muh black keysets?!

…I’m not buying keycaps with legends on them. Nou. 20x20


Shot in the dark, but would two Ergodox kits give you what you need? ErgoDox XDA Blank PBT Keycaps – Alpaca Keyboards Store Then you’d just need to find a space bar.

Edit: I did not look into what it comes with, just putting the idea into the ether in case it works out.


I could kiss you right now. :laughing:
20x20 Yaaaaaaaaaassssssssss! 20x20
Bookmark’d for if when ortho memeboard. 20x20

Might be a while, tho. Black/Silver cases for NIU Mini, Drop + OLKB Planck, and Drop + OLKB Preonic keebs are all sold out. 20x20


The NIU I’m sending you is silverish. It has a slight blue tint.





reminds me of my hand lotion and my TP speakers


Keeb giveaway over on LTT:


[Necroooooooooo noises.]

Idobao Montex Pad: Hot-swap macropad that support QMK firmware (programmable and incredibly versatile, able to map any specific key to any function).

  • Switches: Not included. 20x20
  • Hot-Swap: Yes.
  • Price: $69.00.
  • Multicolored: Uh… Green, Yellow, White, Silver, Gray, or Black? :sweat_smile:
  • Wired/Wireless: Wired, USB Type-C.
  • Notes: Group Buy. :warning: ETA: June 10. 20x20



hmm, angle looks…odd?

noice :test:


MGK64 Update! - Monochrome
New keycaps, new keycaps! 20x20

KAT Alpha + OEM Fog White Keycap Sets
More importantly, both sets have a 2U Keycap in the R4 row. GK64-compatible. :white_check_mark:

MGK64 - Zealio V2 (Alphanumeric + Modifiers) + Halo Clear (Spacebar) Switches
Hm… I don’t think I ever wrote my thoughts on the Zealios?
I think I avoided saying anything 'cos (IMO) they were sorta… unremarkable. Halo Clears and Hako Royal Clears have a sharper tactile bump, I found. 20x20
Also, Topres. Topres exist. Been spoiled by 'em, and I vastly prefer Topre tactility over whatever soft-ish bump a mechanical switch can offer. :sweat_smile:

MGK64 - Kailh BOX Jade (Alphanumeric + Arrows) + Kailh BOX Navy (Modifiers) Switches
Sooo… Clicky switches go back in! :grin:
Linear Keeb: Eighty #391. Tactile Keeb: R2-968. Clicky Keeb: MGK64.
:ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

KAT Alpha + OEM Fog White Comparison
R0 | R1 | R2 | R3 | R4
KAT has rounded sides and rounded corners that collect into a barely noticeable dip in the keycap’s center.
OEM has standard straight sides and a cylindrical-like dip over the keycap’s surface.

MGK64 + KAT Alpha Keycaps
Reminds me of tofu, kek. 20x20
Like, silken tofu. Deliciously smooth-and-soft-in-your-mouth silken tofu.
Ah, but there’s clickies in there. Keystrokes are more crisp and clean, rather than silky smooth.
Mm. Onomatopoeia. :yum:

MGK64 + KAT Alpha Keycaps - RGB

Sound Samples: Kailh BOX Jade + Kailh BOX Navy Switches + KAT Alpha Keycaps

Kailh BOX Jade + Kailh BOX Navy Switches + KAT Alpha Keycaps (Fast)

Kailh BOX Jade + Kailh BOX Navy Switches + KAT Alpha Keycaps (Slow)

For first impressions, I’m quite liking the KAT Alpha keycaps. Comfortable under the fingers, and visually distinct with its curved sides and corners. Not the most accurate description, but they’re kinda like a hybrid between MT3 and OEM?

MT3 vs. KAT vs. OEM Profile Comparison
KAT shares a few similarities with both MT3 and OEM.

Only oddity is the KAT Alpha’s PBT material is considerably smoother compared to every other PBT keyset that I’ve touched (Eighty #391’s EnjoyPBT Blank Black PBT Keycaps, R2-968’s Default PBT Keycaps, MGK64’s Classic Dye-Sublimated PBT Keycaps), to the point where I’m slightly 20x20 whether it’s actually ABS.

In terms of acoustics, currently, I can’t get a firm grasp how the KAT profile affects sound. Mostly because my recording setup’s changed since my last sound sample (Antlion Mod Mic vs. Samsung Galaxy S8+ Phone, lol). Comments might have to wait 'til I swap in those OEM Fog Whites.


MGK64 - 2U Left Shift
Yeeeaaah, feck you too, 2U Left Shift.
I win this time. :triumph:


New Record! :grin:
Time: 30 Seconds.
Taken: March 22, 2021.

Uh, wasn’t planning to beat any personal records tonight, just recording some sound tests. :laughing:
Update on MGK64 coming soon-ish? Swapping out keycaps/switches and taking recordings of each setup is rather time-consuming. :sweat_smile:


MGK64 Update - Extra Sound Samples
Clickity-clack, thickity-thock! :grin:

Component Selection
Case “3 Layers” Aluminum Case ​
Plate Fiberglass Mounting Plate
Switches 1 Kailh BOX Jades + Kailh BOX Navys ​
Switches 2 Modded BOX Heavy Blacks ​
Stabilizers Plate-Mounted Stabilizers
Keycaps 1 KAT Alpha Keycaps
Keycaps 2 OEM Fog White Keycaps

KAT Alpha Sound Samples

MGK64 - KAT Alpha Keycaps + Kailh BOX Jade + Kailh BOX Navy Switches (Fast)

MGK64 - KAT Alpha Keycaps + Kailh BOX Jade + Kailh BOX Navy Switches (Slow)

MGK64 - KAT Alpha Keycaps + Modded BOX Heavy Black Switches (Fast)

MGK64 - KAT Alpha Keycaps + Modded BOX Heavy Black Switches (Slow)

OEM Fog White Sound Samples

MGK64 - OEM Fog White Keycaps + Kailh BOX Jade + Kailh BOX Navy Switches (Fast)

MGK64 - OEM Fog White Keycaps + Kailh BOX Jade + Kailh BOX Navy Switches (Slow)

MGK64 - OEM Fog White Keycaps + Modded BOX Heavy Black Switches (Fast)

MGK64 - OEM Fog White Keycaps + Modded BOX Heavy Black Switches (Slow)

Not quite done with sound tests just yet, got some shelf liner to stuff into the case, wanna see if it does anything for the MGK64’s acoustics. :eyes:

…I really do prefer linears, when it comes to a keeb’s typing and auditory experience. But, eh, haven’t been expanding that collection, 'cos it’s kinda difficult to find a reason to justify spending more money on another set of linear switches, when I’ve already got muh Modded Gateron Ink Blacks. :laughing:

As in, “What else does this other linear switch offer that the Gateron Ink Black doesn’t?” Different or super bright colorways aren’t much of a selling factor, you should know by now that 'Chew likes monochrome. 20x20 And while different plastic materials are slightly interesting, I’m not confident that is enough to offer a vastly different experience. :thinking:


MGK64 + OEM Fog White Keycaps - RGB
20x20 20x20 20x20


MGK64 Update - Sound Dampeners
“Sound Dampening Foam™”. :face_with_monocle:
…They’re just shelf liners. :sweat_smile:

Sound Dampener Build Log

Solid Grip EasyLiner Shelf Liner (Amazon Link)
Bought two 'cos I needed to use up Amazon credits and I wanted free shipping over $25. 20x20
Blah blah blah 'Chew is a sucker for subtle marketing shticks blah blah blah. :laughing:
2 × 20" × 6’ rolls are more than enough for one keeb. Or, like, twenty?

MGK64 - Plate + PCB Disassembled
Reminder that the only things holding this fiberglass plate to the PCB are the switches’ pins.
Also means that there’s a gap waiting to be filled, between the plate and the PCB.
…Brain made me think about cream-filled donuts. Because. Gaps. Filling. Thanks, brain.

Screws secure the PCB to the case.
There be a gap here too. :eyes:

MGK64 - Aluminum Case (Bottom)
Shiny, shapely butt. 20x20

MGK64 - PCB + Case (Bottom)
[Pushes glasses up on nose.]
Ah, yes, this keyboard’s mounting plate uses the hm, tray mount.
[…Hurriedly sweeps cheatsheet under the rug to pretend I know what I’m talking about.]

MGK64 - PCB (Underside) + Kailh Hot-Swap Sockets
Ah, wellp.
So much for the case’s acrylic diffuser thingymabob. Shelf liner completely blocks any light from shining through the PCB’s underside. 20x20

Shelf Liner - Cutting to Size
Top half of the aluminum case is extremely handy for accurate measurements. :+1:

Disassembled Case (Bottom) + Cut Shelf Liner
With the shelf liner cut down to an approximate size, it’s time to mark and punch out those screw holes.
Acrylic slab with it’s pre-cut holes helped lots. :+1:

Reassembled Case (Bottom) + Cut Shelf Liner
Jankity jank friggity frack I always extremely disliked using scissors and box cutters to cut straight lines.
[OCD intensifies.] 20x20

MGK64 - PCB + Shelf Liner + Case (Bottom) Sandwich

Fiberglass Plate + Cut Shelf Liner
Now to repeat the process.
…Just add 60+ more individual holes. :weary:

Fiberglass Plate + Switches + Cut Shelf Liner
…This one pic took way too many hours.
Just staring at it is giving me headaches. Ow. 20x20

MGK64 - Reassembled!
Can see the shelf liner peeking out from the space bar’s gaps.
…What unevenly cut edges? Where? Out of sight, out of mind. 20x20

Sound Samples: Shelf Liner(s) + Modded BOX Heavy Black Switches + KAT Alpha Keycaps + OEM Fog White Keycaps
For the sound tests below, I went with linears (Modded BOX Heavy Blacks) 'cos I wanted to hear bottoming out sounds. Clicky switches would be extremely distracting and probably would drown out any minute acoustical differences between the sound samples, especially with how fast I type.

Oops, Rant

Ah, forgot to keep those excessively IRL thingies from muh LTT post this time. Moooving it over here now… :rofl:

…I was/am also very tired by this point and not in the right mood to do more switch-swapping. Any free time I had these past few days were consumed by shelf liners with a bazjillion holes, streaming HEARTBEAT, BSODs during said stream, BSODs outside of said streams, impromptu late-night Windows reinstallations to fix BSODs, cleaning up game directories/paths, fixing preferences/settings for all muh software stuff, and mildly stressing out over my poor start to the Mid-Week Madness Folding Sprint (still in semi-panik mode over whether I have the correct Passkey or not 20x20).

Update: BSOD’s still happening. Might be a motherboard issue, not Radeon drivers or Streamlabs OBS (not even installed right now). Usually happens when I attempt to run [email protected], I think. Event Viewer gives me BugcheckCode: 292. Gonna update BIOS when I get back home and cross my fingers that it solves the issue. Plan B is to reseat the CPU, but I very much doubt that’ll do anything.

…Now that I think about it, I recall everything was running fine before I updated motherboard stuff through ASUS’s Armoury Crate bloatmalware. 20x20 Armoury Crate is currently not installed on the freshly wiped PC, I really don’t want it to cumdump it’s bloatcrap in my drive. :face_vomiting:

On the plus side, I might have freed up more space on my OS drive. :ok_hand:
Something something small victories and win the battle lose the war. :rofl:

Not to mention I managed to somehow IDK injure the inside of my right cheek + jaw area, so eating, drinking, and idle mouth movements are a biiit of a pain. Also uncertain whether this persistent minor headache I’ve got is due to stressing over Hoshī, the cheek-jaw injury, the warm spring heat that dropped from outta nowhere, the side-effects from the second vaccine shot I received yesterday, or a wonderfully pleasant blend of all the above.

No. Biggie. Smalls.
'Chew iz 'kay. Iz 'kay. Just, haven’t been bukkake’d by this many issues in a while, ahaha. :sweat_smile:

Oh, YIL (Yesterday I Learned) the left right part of my face twitches every now and then when I’m under more stress than usual. :slightly_smiling_face::anger:

Modded BOX Heavy Black Switches + KAT Alpha Keycaps + Bottom Shelf Liner Only (Fast)

Modded BOX Heavy Black Switches + KAT Alpha Keycaps + Bottom Shelf Liner Only (Slow)

Modded BOX Heavy Black Switches + KAT Alpha Keycaps + Top and Bottom Shelf Liner (Fast)

Modded BOX Heavy Black Switches + KAT Alpha Keycaps + Top and Bottom Shelf Liner (Slow)

Modded BOX Heavy Black Switches + OEM Fog White Keycaps + Bottom Shelf Liner Only (Fast)

Modded BOX Heavy Black Switches + OEM Fog White Keycaps + Bottom Shelf Liner Only (Slow)

Modded BOX Heavy Black Switches + OEM Fog White Keycaps + Top and Bottom Shelf Liner (Fast)

Modded BOX Heavy Black Switches + OEM Fog White Keycaps + Top and Bottom Shelf Liner (Slow)

Can’t really tell the difference between MGK64 w/o Shelf Liner, MGK64 w/ Bottom Shelf Liner, and MGK64 w/Both Shelf Liners. But keystrokes do sound a teeny weeny bit less echo-y with more shelf liners, I think? Er, if there is another audible difference, my ears don’t pick 'em up. 20x20

Difference between OEMs and KATs are easier to pick apart. Still prefer the sound of those good ol’ thocky OEMs over the KATs. :kissing_heart::ok_hand:

The Discord channel mini-project will probably be put on indefinite hold for now. Wanted to consolidate all my keeb Discord news (especially discounts, promos, and giveaways 20x20) to one server, but: one, Discord has a limit of 50 servers to one account, and not every Discord server has announcements set up correctly (or relevantly 20x20). Thought of writing up a Discord bot to handle the latter, but erm, would need to invest more time into learning Python, and I’m beginning to doubt whether it’s even possible*. 20x20

Asterisk(*): Possible as in, whether a bot could copy and paste messages from another server’s channel into my own without having the bot join the other server. Kinda sounds more like it breaks some TOS somewhere, lol. :sweat_smile:

Plus, I’ve got too many irons in the fire right now.

This Week’s Schedule: (ノ ゜_゜)ノ 彡 ┻━┻

Priority One is to deal with the constant BSODs.



…GMK keysets are starting to become super samey or plain unattractive to me…

  • Cherry Profile: Euhhh… Gib high-profile, pls.
  • ABS Material: Absolutely not, that ABS shine and uneven degradation of my keyset drives my OCD bonkers.
  • Legends: No. 20x20
  • Colorways: Now dis just my opinion, but sometimes I wonder how some people come up with a nonsensical colorway and go, “Heck yeah, this looks rad A F and peepos will defo like this and it’ll sell like hotcakes.” I mean, color theory and design classes are a thing, right…? 20x20
  • Group Buy: LMAO LMEOW. 20x20

[Drops mic.]

Wait, do drop my one-liner and then drop the mic or izzit the other way around? Fueck.


This entirely too cute, but accurate Ted Talk hits the nail on the head.
You want my money now so I can wait a year for… this? Or pay $400 on r/mm and say I got it for a steal?! Hard pass.


NIU Mini (NIU40) Ortholinear 40% Keyboard!
20x20 From Den Pakidge! 20x20
QMK-compatible, that means alla keys can be reprogrammed to different keys or macros!
…Or memes. 20x20
Curious whether an ortho layout would hinder my WPMs, and by how much. :thinking:

DSA Dye-Sublimated Keycaps! - Front View
Odd angle, 'cos I wanted to show off the flat. 20x20
Something about orthos + flat keycaps (DSA, XDA, NP), sooo satisfying! :grin:

DSA Dye-Sublimated Keycaps! - Side View
Slight dip in the keycap makes it not truly flat-flat, but the keycaps on different rows are still on the same plane.

NIU Mini - Mini-USB Port
…Ah. 20x20
[Adds mini-USB cable to shopping list.]

NIU Mini - 20x20 Butt 20x20
Aluminum top, frosted acrylic bottom!
20x20 20x20 20x20

NIU Mini - 20x20 Acrylic Butt 20x20
Frosting on butts. :eyes::sweat_drops:
Teeny-tiny hole towards the right is easy access to the NIU40 PCB’s reset button. :+1:

NIU Mini - Kailh BOX Navy Switches!

NIU Mini - Kailh BOX Navy Switches!
Always found the Navy’s particular shade of dark blue really puuurdy.

Den is the biggest of sexys. :laughing:
Also the most wholesome and caring and inspiring of persons. 20x20
20x20 I wubba wubba. 20x20