Leopold FC750R - Test Drive

The best part about having a #KeebWeeb roommate:
I get to test drive other keebs for free!

Leopold FC750R
Owner is the same person that lent me their NK65 - Milkshake Edition a while back. :grin:

Layout TKL
Case / Frame Plastic
Mounting Plate Steel / Aluminum?
Keycaps Doubleshot PBT, Cherry Profile, White-on-Black
Stabilizers Plate-Mounted, Clip-In
Switches Cherry MX Silent Red
Connectivity Detachable Mini-USB
Other Features Soldered PCB, Padded Spacebar*

* Uncertain whether the roommate did some keeb modding, or whether this is the stock FC750R.

Sound Samples

Leopold FC750R - Stock Cherry MX Silent Red Switches (Fast)

Leopold FC750R - Stock Cherry MX Silent Red Switches (Slow)

Interesting Stuff

  • Doubleshot PBT Keycaps: Wonderfully matte, beautifully simple. Good stuff.
  • Detachable Cable, Underside Cable Routing: Thoughtful and appreciated feature.
  • Caps Lock, Scroll Lock LEDs (Blue): Bright, visual indicators for when Caps Lock / Scroll Lock is toggled on are useful.
    • The FC750R doesn’t have any backlighting. Methinks it’s more of a non-issue than a strict downside, but I figure it’s worth mentioning for peepos that like their visible keycaps.

Meh Stuff

  • Stem Wobble: Noticeable stem wobble, comparable to Gateron Silent Ink Blacks.
  • Housing Wobble: Noticeable housing wobble, less secure / more movement compared to Gateron Silent Ink Blacks.
    • Could benefit from switch films.
  • Scratchiness: Scratchiness with each keypress. Not as smooth as stock Gateron Silent Inks, IMO.
    • Could benefit from lubing.
  • Spring Ping: Noticeable (and annoying) metallic ping noise from the spring on the upstroke, especially with the spacebar.
    • First time I’ve experienced this from a switch. None of my other linears or my other switch springs squeak as much as these Cherry MXs.
    • Could benefit from lubing and / or a spring swap
  • Other Acoustics: Downstrokes are muted, but not silent. Upstrokes have even less sound dampening.
  • Mini USB Port: Bruh. :joy:

No teardowns because, erm, I don’t own this keeb. :laughing::sweat_drops:


Roommate: Did you touch my keyboard?
’chew: No, why?
Keyboard: [wet 150g noises]
’chew: Ok, maybe a little.