Mount for Dual Monitor Setup - Advice?

Brainstorm - Not to Perfect Scale
Orange: Dual Monitors
Purple: Monitor Mount / VESA Mount

I’m looking for recommendations for a desk-mounted, dual or multi-monitor mount. The caveat is that the monitor mount will be off to one side, and one of the monitor arms must reach at least 25". Preferably matte black.

Also open to general brand recommedations, from peepos sporting large dual or multi-monitor setups. Let me know which names you’ve had decent experience with, and I can look up their product line and see whether they’ve got anything that fits my criteria.

I am not looking for monitor recommendations.

Additional Details
If I’ve missing some essential thing, feel free to ask for more deets.

  • Horizontal Monitor: Sceptre C325B-QWD168
    • Curved 32" Monitor, 75 mm × 75 mm VESA Mount.
    • 27.95" (W) × 16.57" (H) × 5.28" (D), 12.43 lbs.
  • Vertical Monitor: Sceptre E255B-1658A
    • Flat 24.5" Monitor, 75 mm × 75 mm VESA Mount.
    • 21.96" (W) × 12.84" (H) × 1.82’’ (D), 10.58 lbs.
  • Table: Ashford Adjustable Height Desk
    • Glass Surface, Metal Frame.

So peepos can yell at me for overlooking something suggest changes. :derpdorp:

  • Mount will be clamped to the left side of the desk.
    • Wall-mounting is not an option.
    • Grommet-mounting is not an option. The desk is part glass, part metal. Not drilling through that.
    • Securing the monitor mount to the table’s side directly behind the monitors / in front of the wall is also not an option. I have a 2 - 3" cable runway that occupies the entirety of that side, and there’s not enough room to clamp anything along that area.
  • Clamps and glass aren’t the friendliest of combinations, but I’m hoping a giant layer or three of shelf liner will pad the clamps enough to not damage the surface. Hopefully any jankiness will be hidden behind the vertical monitor.
  • Because there’s a heavy weight that’s 25" off to one side, a stable monitor mount is a must. My understanding is that gas spring / pneumatic mechanisms are stronger than joints held together by screws, so screw joints are not an option for me.

Considerations Thus Far:

  • Mount-It! Triple Monitor Mount (MI-4753B): Don’t care that it’s designed for triple monitors or that it “fits monitors up to [three] 27”," but I do care that a single arm can extend up to 25" - 27", and can support up to 15 lbs. Was my Plan A, but it’s currently out-of-stock on Amazon, hence me now asking for Plan Bs and Plan Cs.
  • VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand (STAND-V102BB): The issue I see with these types is, I’m not 100% certain whether I can rotate the bottom-most joint a full 90° - 180°. Also, the max extension described is exactly 25", which makes me think the number’s been rounded up and it’ll actually be less than 25".

Gib recommendations.
Or tell me whether the above doesn’t seem feasible? :thinking:
Pls n’ TY. :derpdorp:


For some reason, monitor arms are ALWAYS where I end up cheaping out lol.
I have 6 of these cheap pieces of crap around the house. The heaviest monitor being 19 lbs. My vertical monitor is a 24in Dell is mounted from the side of the desk and weighs 10.3lbs.

So while I don’t have direct recommendations, I do think yours will be more than sufficient given they seem to be stronger not-crap versions of what I have.

VIVO also makes a glass reinforcement adapter that we use in the lobby for the sign in desks. We have a few more (less cheapo) mounts that look like the VIVO one you linked above. Eleven or so months and no glass breaks so far.