[Build Log] Tiny 5L TV Gaming/LLM Build - LZmod A24v5 - Minisforum BD790i Ryzen 9 7945HX

Case - LZmod A24v5
CPU/Mobo - 7945HX 16-Core via Minisforum BD790i MoDT Mobo
RAM - Crucial 96GB (2x48GB) DDR5 5600 (@5200)
Storage - 1TB WD Black 850X
GPU - Gigabyte RTX 4060LP
PSU - FSP 500W Flex ATX
Fans - Noctua NF-A12x15, Thermalright TL-C12015

I wanted something small to game on my LG C3, but also run duties hosting Ollama. This seemed like the perfect fit. Minisforum has been cranking out these crazy boards and I wanted to give both the Intel and AMD versions a shot.

Building in the LZmod A24v5 was tricky, especially with a non-standard board. I ended up needing to offset mount the CPU fan and use a 15mm slim for clearance with the power extension. Other than that, you just need to pay attention to the order of installation. Fan(s) first, then motherboard/connectors, then the clunky, but effective PSU mounting. The height is very unforgiving, so make sure you don’t have any wires thicker than the FP connectors pushing up under the PSU or the case will not close.

The case is solid for a little over $100 shipped. I got mine from this seller on AliExpress. I noticed some people having trouble finding them, so I’ve linked it. There were no instructions, but everything was common sense to me.

Temps are fine. The 7945HX does put out some scary looking numbers though. It loves to boost as many cores to 5.5GHz as it can, and will do so to about 88C under load. It did the same thing on my test bench with a larger fan. That number is probably alarming to casual builders, but plenty of mobile chips perform this way. It idles in the 50s with clocks dropping to 4.6GHz on half and 3.5GHz on the others. You’ll need to modify the fan curve in the BIOS. It’s a little tame for this much power.


The only thing I would say to others wanting to use Minisforum motherboards is to beware of their inexperience. They started with mini PCs, and generally work with mobile parts. The BIOS is extremely simplified, with things like PCIe bifurcation only being added after many people asked for it. I see buying their crazy experiments as being a beta tester experience wise.

One of the MAJOR quirks of this board is it nukes the BIOS settings when you remove it from power. It’s not the CMOS battery, and it’s been corroborated by at least 4 people. Annoying? Yes. Unacceptable? Yes. Hopefully the fix is a BIOS update and not an RMA, but we’ll see. I did not have this problem with the BD770i or the AR900i, so fingers crossed.

For the majority, I can’t recommend this board, but for the adventurous… go for it. If you’re homelabbing, pick up the AR900i instead. It has 4 M.2 slots that can be converted into 10 gig NICs. For a full system the MS-01 is excellent.


The first batch of these boards is faulty.

Avoid this board at all costs until Rev 2, which Minisforum says should be in July. Though I could understand avoiding it completely.

This build has been replaced w/ V2.

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