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Share your experiences and achievements with activities that push your bodily limits! All sports, from hiking, to trail running, to kayaking are welcome! :muscle::grin:

Photos and location-sharing are encouraged, so we know where you’ve been and what you’ve seen. :camera:

…Mostly, 'Chew wants a discrete place to talk about her hikes, lol. :rofl:

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Henninger Flats Trail
'Chew went hiking. :derpdorp:

Time at Start: 8:20 AM
Time at Destination: 11:40 AM
Time on Return: 2:00 PM

AllTrails Map: Henninger Flats Trail

Total Distance: 5.5 mi
Highest Elevation: 2,500 ft

Today, 'Chew learned that she’s hilariously out of shape. :joy:

Generic Scenery Photos:
Apologies in advance - the photos gets more terrible with time. Forgot to wipe the lens. :derpdorp:


I used to think that I had decent stamina, having gone on multiple sightseeing trips / nature walks here and there around South East Asia.

Bullocks to that.
'Chew skipped all the leg days. :rofl:

Either the steep incline or overpacking – or both – severely exhausted me. We had to take so many rest stops for my sake that I felt slightly embarrassed. Thankfully, my hiking companions (friendo and her coworker) were super accomodating and kept the mood jovial.

The climb’s taxing on the legs, and – sort of as an extension of that – also tests emotional mood. There’s a goal, and there’s a path. You’ll get there if you grin and bear the strain.

Team morale was especially important, at least, IMO and in my case. Whining and grumbling brings everyone’s spirits down and makes the trip unpleasant. Also, had the feeling that friendo and her coworker were the super considerate sort, and if I showed any sign of illness or pain, that they’d consider cancelling the hike mid-way through.

That. Would. Suck. :neutral_face:
All that energy spent, and no goal and no bragging rights.

Well, we did reach our goal. :+1:
And I’m exercising my bragging rights! :triumph:

I climbed a 5.5 mi and 2,500 ft trail with my chonky wobbly jelly legs!!!

And after sweating buckets and burning all dem calories off:

Pastrami Chilli Fries


Friendo’s coworker suggested we stuff ourselves with dirty, greasy, sinful slop after a good workout.

Curiously, the “chilli” isn’t spicy at all. :thinking:
Indulged in the bacon-cheese-chilli-potato mess above, and washed it down with an excessive amount of Sprite.

…Why did I eat any of it, I regret everything. :rofl:
It tasted decent, tho. As decent as junk food gets.


Oh. I’ve never hard heartburn before, but I think I can feel it by looking at this lol.


Indeed. A lot of people miss this and don’t get their heads in the game. Congrats on crushing it!

I poked around with some of the earlier shot where all the detail wasn’t destroyed.


Oh, wow. for a second I thought that was just a giant pile of bacon.


Edison Trail (Glendale)
Time at Start: 8:00 AM
Time at Return: 9:45 AM

AllTrails Route: Edison Trail

Total Distance: 2.5 mi
Highest Elevation: 1,800 ft

Today was super cloudy! Good weather for a hike. :grin:
This time, brought along the same friendo that invited me to the Henninger Flats’s hike, plus 'nother friendo.

See, when I invite or am invited by friendos to events, I feel obligated to show up, and that’s more motivation to move my chonky butt. :pepesaber:

Picked a trail that was shorter in both length and elevation gain compared to last time, since:

  1. Didn’t wanna die. Again. :joy:
  2. Other friendo seemed like the fragile / hikkomori sort? IDK.

Generic Scenery Photos:

Finished up the hiking session with a loop through the residential area (route pictured above), rather than re-climb the hill (as the AllTrails link suggests). The route turned out like a mini-Henninger Flats trail – gradually climbing higher and higher 'til we hit the “peak,” then all downhill from there.

Glendale’s a fair bit away from our area, so we took the opportunity to visit the Glendale Galleria. 'Tis just another shopping center, but larger than our local Westfield Santa Anita.

…But of course it opens at 11:00 AM. :joy::question:

So we killed some time with brunch at Love You Latte:

Love You Latte - Wall Mural

Love You Latte - Interior

Food & Drinks
Right to Left:
Americano + Matcha Tea (+ Vanilla Sweetener)
Avocado Toast + 2 × Salmon Toast

Traded one of my Salmon Toasts for one of my friendo’s Avocado Toasts. :eyes:
Food and Matcha Tea was decent. Toast was a bit cronchy for my grandma-teethies, IMO. At least it wasn’t a razor-sharp baguette. :joy:

Seating was a bit meh, tho. Had to wait a while, and the table is tiny for three people. Also, the wooden plates kept swiveling around. :unamused:

After brunchies, we hit the mall. :derpdorp:
Mall shenanigans ensues.

Giant HZadphonZ BluZtooth SpZakZ - "Multifunctional Speaker"
Think Different.
…In the same store were those “massagers” on prominent display, and… I gently steered my friendos away from them. :no_mouth:

Pot Planters
There were tiddy ones too. Equipped with nips n’ all. :dedbodi:

Dropped my friendos back home after Glendale, and I looked at my pants and boots and was thinking, “Eh, they aren’t dirty enough.” :rofl:

Spontaneously decided to hit another trail. One that’s super short and on my way home.

Edison Trail Park (Monterey Park)
Time at Start: 2:40 PM
Time at Destination: 3:00 PM
Time at Return: 3:50 PM

AllTrails Route: Edison Trail Park

This one’s practically in my backyard, ha.

The trail is interrupted by roads here n’ there, and starts off with a sudden, sharp uphill climb. After the initial steep rise, the rest of the hike is considerably easier. It’s a (relatively) short walk, but the hills can still work up a good sweat.


Who Dis


Getting happier with my Adidas Terrex AX3 Hiking Shoes after every hike! Traction is great on steep inclines (especially downwards), and its exterior being waterproof (versus water-resistant) means cleaning is a breeze. I just spray them down with some water, and get a rag for hard-to-reach spots, and they’re presentable again. :grin:

Such a good deal on $60 - $70 shoooeees…!

Clothes and backpack are whatever, but good freaking shoes are a blessing on any hike.


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Peters Canyon Regional Park Trail
Time at Start: 7:30 AM
Time at Return: 10:30 AM

AllTrails Route: Peters Canyon Loop Trail

Total Distance: 5.0 mi
Elevation Gain: 600 ft

Generic Scenery Photos:

Was looking around Tustin for an EZ, scenic hike, 'cos I wanted to hit the local Micro Center for free goodies.

Ended up dragging a couple’a friendos out for a 7:30 AM hike, heh. :sunglasses:

Morning started off cool n’ cloudy, then the sun started peeping over at 8:30 AM-ish. Hike was towards the easy scale, though the sharp incline at the beginning of the East Ridge View Trail was taxing. Friendos found the descent a bit slippery – 'Chew recommends getting gud (shoes), kek.

After the hike, 'Chew stormed the local Micro Center with her 4 friendos and robbed the store of freebies. :derpdorp: Big thankies to Zanthed / June for dropping the MC linky-lonks in the #deals-and-sales channel! Very much appreciated!

Morpheus HP4500B (Black)
Meanwhile, friendos walked away with arms full of storage and headphones. :pepesaber:

Also, nom nom’d on lunchies 'cos hungries:

All-you-can-eat KBBQ at Red Castle. :eyes:
'Tis decent, value-oriented food, if a bit generic. The problem with KBBQ (for me) is that alla beefs start tasting the same towards the end. :joy:

Friendos paid for muh share of the bill 'cos I carpool’d them everywhere.
What the heck. Didn’t have to do that.
Thankies, again. :sob:

And to wrap up muh morning / afternoon:

Roommate: Hey.
’Chew: [Typing hiking things.] :eyes::question:
Roommate: Here. [Hands drink to 'Chew.]
’Chew: [Instinctive] Thank you!

’Chew: ?!?!?!

Very eventful day! Had a blast. :grin:
I paid a grand total of… zero dollars. Fuel doesn’t count, shuddup.
…What the heck. :dedbodi:


I see you cleaned the lens today, thank you! :smile:
I can hear those headphones from here :tired_face:


Henninger Flats / Eaton Canyon Trail
Time at Start: 6:45 AM
Time at Henninger Flats: 8:30 AM
Time at Eaton Canyon Falls: 10:30 AM
Time at Return: 11:00 AM

AllTrails Route: Henninger Flats Trail / Eaton Canyon Trail

Total Distance: 8.0 mi
Elevation Gain: 1750 ft

Impulsively decided to hike Henninger Flats again, partly so that I could get the “Verified Completed” badge to pop up on my AllTrails account (I missed the chance the first time we went), and partly to see whether I could do it. Also, partly as an excuse to play around with the VanTop Moment 4C Action Camera I got from Manager-san a while back.

…OCD is stupid. Don’t catch it. :joy:

Footage ended up being mostly uninteresting, I think. Cam was pointed at the ground most of the time. Scrapped it. :wastebasket:

Went alone this time. I figured my friendos would be tired from our Peters Canyon Regional Park hike yesterday, and I wanted to hike at my own pace. Just before starting the trail, I let my friendos know where I was, what I was doing, set a 3 hr no-response time limit, and provided emergency contacts.

Second time getting to Henninger Flats wasn’t as bad. It’s just the start that takes a toll. Once I reached the path with the bench / resting areas, I found the hike much easier.

Henninger Flats Trail Photos:

Once Henninger Flats was done, decided to listen to my impulses again and take a detour towards the Eaton Canyon Falls. “Might as well,” I thought, “Since I’m in the area n’ all.”

Eaton Canyon Trail Photos:

Yeeeaaah… IMO? Not worth it. :laughing:

Near the creek, Eaton Canyon’s trail is significantly rockier (read: more perilous) compared to the fire road-like trail that led up to Henninger Flats. Waterfall ended up being a piddly lil’ stream that trickled down into a small pool.

Then again, it is summer. Could be, the water’s just dried up. :thinking:

Aaaaand that was the point my feet started protesting. :dedbodi:
No pain or swelling, thankfully. Just, sore and tired.

Ahhh… RIP Future 'Chew that has to get up for work tomorrow morning. :joy:


The AllTrails app is immensely helpful, especially for real-time navigation:

  • Green Dot: Starting Point.
  • Red Trail: Completed Path.
    • Also tracks the path even if you veer off the trail.
  • Blue Dot: Current Position.
  • Blue Cone: Line of Sight.
    • Acts like a compass. Say, you come across an intersection and aren’t sure which path leads to the way back, the blue cone will follow the phone’s position. Point the phone / blue cone towards the tracked trail (Solid Red Trail) to backtrack your steps.
  • Pink Trail: Recommended Trail Path.
    • Path is generated from AllTrails’s list of Curated Trails. Users are completely free to diverge from the established path.
  • Dotted Black Line: Additional Trail Paths.

The app also records the time taken, distance covered, and elevation gained during a session. At the end of a session, totals are collated on the user’s personal profile. Very useful for keeping track of and chasing goals.

Much wow. Very recommend. Yes. :grin:




Loving this round of photos. Makes me jealous that it’s completely boring here lol.


Schabarum, Purple Sage, and Powder Canyon Loop Trail
Time at Start: 8:00 AM
Time at Return: 11:00 AM

AllTrails Route: Schabarum, Purple Sage, and Powder Canyon Loop Trail

Total Distance: 7.0 mi
Elevation Gain: 1100 ft

Generic Scenery Photos:

Original plan was cancelled 'cos there were wildfire / hazard warnings at the trailhead. Decided to play it safe and pick 'nother trail, rather than ignore the sign (erm, unlike a couple’a peepos :eyes::sweat_drops:).

Settled on the area around Peter F. Schabarum Regional Park, since it was one of the closer, decently long trails.

There’s a surprising amount of shade along the trail, particularly along the northern path. Not so much towards the western side, which is also the highest elevation point on this loop. Scenery is more pleasing on the southern path, IMO. Northern path opens up to a view of Hacienda Heights’ suburban area, and once you’ve seen one Californian townscape, you’ve kinda seen it all. :laughing:

Ah, also there’s a stable at the end of the Powder Canyon Motorway, and I saw a bunch of horses.

…They stink. Really badly. :joy:

Throughout the 3-ish hour hike, I managed to keep the Under Armour Sports Mask on (barring drink and snack breaks). Still hampers air intake by a lot, though. For casuals like me, they’re tolerable if I go slow and steady.

Aaand I did intend to take more photos of the park after the trail, buuut my feet were like, “Heeeeeeeeell naw.” :dedbodi:
So the only park photo I took was that selfie. :laughing:

Very thankful that Cali / this county invests a portion of its funds into maintaining these recreational facilities (parks, trails, etc.). A touch of bright greenery eases the eyes and the mind. :parrotheart:


Legg Lake Loop Trail
Time at Start: 7:40 AM
Time at Return: 9:40 AM

AllTrails Route: Legg Lake Loop Trail

Total Distance: 3.9 mi
Elevation Gain: Flat Trail

Generic Scenery + Wildlife Photos:

Ducks / Geese

“Stupid hooman, git outta our way. We’re having breakfast.”
- Ducks / Geese, probably.

[Proceeds to take selfie with duck friends.]
- :derpdorp:


Took a chill morning walk through the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area. Weather forecast said it’d hit 94 - 95°F / 34 - 35°C midday today, so I played it safe with a flat trail / park, rather than take my chances fighting against a hill and against heatstroke.

“Chill” morning walk, as in slow n’ easy. Temps were very warm, especially for 7 - 8 AM.

THERE WERE DUCKS!!! (Or geese?) :rofl:
Sooooooooo many ducks / geese. :partyparrot:
White duck-geese, as well as brown duck-geese. The white ones were a lot more timid, I couldn’t approach them as easily as the brown ones for photos. :pensive:
Also squirrels. I’m guessing there’s fish, too? Saw a few fisherfolk by the lakeside.

…I wonder what happens to their carcasses after they perish. Didn’t see any predatory wildlife at the park. :thinking:

Also, the time that I went, there was apparently a Hecho en Mexico 5k Run/Walk going on? Bunch of runners and walkers suddenly flooded the trail halfway through my loop, some dressed with Mexican-themed bits n’ bobs. :eyes:

The trail and park is wonderfully spacious! Quite scenic around the lakeside. Plenty of designated areas for whatever activities – picnics, barbeques, pedal boating, model boating, fishing, etc. Lots of trees for shade, and I imagine the park gets prettier in the spring, when flowers are in bloom.

Can also skip paying for the $7 Vehicle Entrance Fee with roadside parking around the area, kek.

Kinda wanna drag my friendos here sometime. Mebbe when the weather doesn’t suck so much. :laughing:


Bwahahah. This happened to us once. We were swallowed up by a mob and were just like :eyes:


And I thought I did some walking. . .


Hollywood Sign via Canyon Drive Trail
Time at Start: 7:00 AM
Time at Return: 9:30 AM

AllTrails Route: Hollywood Sign via Canyon Drive

Total Distance: 6.5 mi
Elevation Gain: 1200 ft

Generic Scenery Photos:

Mm. Friendos and I woke up to a cloudy, breezy morning! Entire hike up the mountain was pleasantly cool, though the trade-off for that would be lackluster photos, I suppose. Couldn’t see the landscape below clearly, thanks to cloudy clouds being cloudy. :laughing:

Also, the trail led us up behind the Hollywood sign, sooo no selfie pics with the sign in the background. Now that I’m looking at the AllTrails map a little more closely, I think there’s a trail that winds right in front of the sign. Ah, well. Missed opportunity. :sweat_smile:

Very satisfying and decently exerting hike! Kinda resembled Henninger Flats – wide, winding fire road trail with not a lot of shade.Though, the fire road trail meets asphalt near the Hollywood sign, and the inclines were considerably less aggressive than the Henninger Flats Trail, IMO. Other thing is, there’s a lot of foot traffic past 7:30 AM: boy scouts, running clubs, people walking their dogs, families with children, etc.

After the hike, friendos and I hit Old Town Pasadena for lunchies, ice cream (デンはセクシーです), and aimlessly walking around. :derpdorp:

Tomato Soup + House Salad

Very nice wrap-up to a hike with friendos. :blush:


Bonelli Perimeter Loop
Time at Start: 7:00 AM
Time at Return: 10:45 AM

AllTrails Route: Bonelli Perimeter Loop

Total Distance: 9.6 mi
Elevation Gain: 1300 ft

Generic Scenery Photos:

My feet.
My freaking feeeeeeeeeet. :joy:


Hike started off at a good pace, actually. Kept an average 3 mph for the first 8 miles of the hike (until 9:40 AM). Once I hit 10:00 AM, my legs / feet went, “Nah, bro, we’re done.” :dedbodi:

…Excuse me?
Dafuq you mean “we’re done,” I’m stranded in the middle of nowhere and I still have 2 miles to go.

I guess 8 - 10 mi is my limit?
Thankfully, managed to walk-drag my ass back to the car with very much difficulty. :laughing:

Ah, if the name of the area sounds familiar (Bonelli Perimeter Loop), it’s 'cos it’s the place my friendos and I picnicked at last year (Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park). The place with the giant, angrey duckies. :derpdorp:

Last time, we mainly stayed near the lake area. 'Tis where all the scenic Puddingstone Reservoir puddle pics be, kek.

The Perimeter Loop doesn’t take followers down the lakeside path, but the northern side of the loop comes very close to the lake’s edge, and peepos are always free to take detours. Trail does take peepos through a variety of landscapes, tho. There’s the standard desert country fire road, but also a view of the neighboring highway, a dense foresty / woodsy romp, the lake (of course), and some twisty dirt path with too many trees that made me oddly uncomfortable (no pics, too busy cursing whomever decided it was a good idea to add this particular path to the trail, lol).

Anyway, leg day is done.
By that, I mean, my legs are done. :rofl:
Gotta mentally prep myself for fingers day tomorrow. :dedbodi:

Ah, also, had lunchies with friendo after a blessedly refreshing shower:

Nikutama Udon + Tempura (Shrimp + Chicken)
Udon > Ramen.
I… actually don’t particularly like ramen. I’d pick almost any other Japanese dish over it.
Also, it reminds me of instant noodles. :frowning:
Udon, though. Udon is :kissing_heart::ok_hand:


Jones Peak Loop
Time at Start: 7:00 AM
Time at Summit: 10:00 AM
Time at Return: 12:00 PM

Original AllTrails Plan: Jones Peak Loop
Actual AllTrails Route: Mount Wilson Trail to Bailey Canyon Loop

Total Distance: 8.2 mi
Elevation Gain: 2,600 ft

Generic Scenery Photos:

Fuck this route. :joy:
Today I learned a lot about my hiking preferences and eccentricities:

  • Eaton Canyon Trail and Bonelli Perimeter Loop gave me an inkling, but the Mt. Wilson Trail really cemented it for me: I hate small trails. Especially if the trail’s ledge opens up into the beautiful scenery below. Very, very, far below.
  • I have some weird mental insecurity / paranoia about my left leg. Seems like, I’m very reluctant to put pressure on, or to rely on, my left leg – especially if the cliffside is to my left.
  • The more tired I get, the less I care about falling. :dedbodi:
  • I also dislike winding trails. I understand the purpose of winding trails – rather than climb one very steep incline, the steep incline is broken up into a bunch of gentler, but longer, inclines – but I still dislike them. It reminds me of backtracking, and backtracking is not something I’d like to do when I’m trying to gain distance and / or height during a hike.

On the plus side, I’ve noticed – not just on this hike, but others as well – that many hikers and trail runners are surprisingly friendly and courteous. Hikers tend to yield to runners and cyclists (“Thank you!”), and peepos going opposite ways greet each other rather politely. :eyes::sweat_drops:

Friendly person took a photo for me:

’Chew Equivalent of :upside_down_face:
“Nice view.”

“How the heck do I get down.”

Ah, right.
I deviated from the original plan 'cos I had enough of the Mt. Wilson Trail and decided to try my luck descending via the Bailey Canyon Trail.


Bailey Canyon Trail was significantly more solid and considerably less steep compared to Mt. Wilson Trail.

Mt. Wilson Trail starts off okay, but once you pass the crossroad sign (this one), the trail gets ridiculously narrow – like, 0.5 m / 1.6 ft width of space to move through, with a perilous edge always on one side as a friendly reminder to not be careless. And if someone needs to pass you, there’s a bit of awkwardness as one person hugs one side of the already narrow path, while the other nervously shimmies over to the other side.

I hated every minute of it.

Every other trail was more or less alright, and I’d be open to revisiting them, or dragging bringing along friendos for funzies.

Jones Peak?
Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll no.
Not doing this one again, and definitely not bringing friendos here.


Marshall Canyon Trail
Time at Start: 7:00 AM
Time at Return: 11:15 AM

AllTrails Route: Marshall Canyon Trail

Total Distance: 11.2 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,550 ft

Generic Scenery Photos:

Lotsa mountain bikers on this trail.

Overall, Marshall Canyon Trail is pretty noice. Path is generally wide, and where it’s not, it’s usually bordered. Incline rises gradually, no trekking poles or hands-and-knees required. Route intersects with a couple others, so having a real-time navigation app (e.g. AllTrails) is very useful. Plenty of peepos around – both bikers and hikers – especially on the Cobal Canyon Motorway. Also, lots of shade and rest stops along the way.

Test driving the FiiO UTWS3!

Good Stuff

  • No flimsy cables to repeatedly whap against the body, to get snagged on things, or otherwise be a general annoyance.
  • Weight is a non-issue – I’m more aware of the FiiO FH5’s weight, rather than the FiiO UTWS3. Shape and fit were fine around my ears.
  • Seamless setup and use. Bluetooth connection remained constant throughout the 4 hour hike. Button taps were responsive.
  • Case is rather thoughtfully designed. Space for both the UTWS3 + IEMs. Magnetic. USB-C charging port at the back. Charging indicator lights for the case, and for the L / R UTWS3.


  • Wouldn’t recommend these for at-home listening. I get the feeling some higher frequencies and subtleties are missing from my songs, even after EQ is applied. Not quite an issue when I’m out-and-about, with half my brain being distracted by IRL things and the other half tuning out to the music.
  • Case is bulky. I mean, it’d probably still fit in the pants pocket. It’d just… stand out. A lot. :rofl:

Shilling :derpdorp:

Thank you again, Den! Very heppy with the UTWS3!
Prolly gonna carry 'em with me for alla hikes from now on.


Altadena Crest Trail / Henninger Flats
Time at Start: 7:00 AM
Time at Destination: 9:15 AM
Time at Return: 11:40 AM

AllTrails Route: Altadena Crest Trail / Henninger Flats Trail

Total Distance: 10.2 mi
Elevation Gain: 2,450 ft

Generic Scenery Photos:

Henninger Flats Trail and Eaton Canyon Trail
(Black Rectangle on Map, South-Facing View)
'nother generic mountainside.
But a very welcome and familiar sight for me, since Altadena Crest Trail was wearing me out.

Better pic of nom-noms:

1 × Musubi & Tamagoyaki Onigiri
1 × Salmon Onigiri
1 × Dashi Shiitaki Onigiri

…Salmon Onigiri is missing from hiking pics 'cos I ate it yesterday evening.
Couldn’t help myself okay. :weary:

Kinda pooped. :dedbodi:

Third time reaching Henninger Flats! This time 'cos I wanted a trail that was wide and familar, and I wanted a chill place to eat my onigiri. :rice_ball:

Altadena Crest Trail reminds me of the Mt. Wilson Trail I took up to Jones Peak. Uncomfortably narrow, steep, and too much loose sand and gravel in certain places.

At that point, it becomes less of a physical exertion and more of a mental one. My brain keeps freaking expecting the worst and it’s a lil’ bit frustrating. Had to take a couple of breaks, not because my legs were tired, but because I needed to maintain my mental focus.

So glad to be back home, sipping my orange juice. :beverage_box::joy: