Sharp Objects & EDC Thread 🔪

Show off and discuss your knives, tools, and Everyday Carry here!

The GlowRhino Reactor has been in my pocket a lot lately. It was sent over by them to check out, but I found it to be a very easy carry due to its compactness. It also has a strong detent, so it fires like an absolute rocket!


Here is my Cold steel micro recon 1.
its the AUS 8A version.

My lightroom skill are a bit rusty.

The reason why I got this was because I was in Tennessee for spring break, I was looking at pixiv (waifus with firearms) this popped up.

I thought it was really cool than I asked my parents if I could get it but my mom said
“Thats too big son”
So me and my dad went to SMKW (it was right were we were staying), I found the micro version, I really wanted the tanto but it was out of stock and that was the last micro one they had was spear point.


Everyday Carry
Glasses w/Blue Light-Blocking Lens
Victorinox Hunstman
FiiO M5 + FiiO FH5
Casio BGA152-7B1
Car + House Keys

Glasses, I wear at work. No prescription, just blue light-blocking and tinted slightly auburn. IDK whether the blue light-blocking lenses work, but the auburn tint seems to make white light and Light Mode pages considerably easier on the eyes. (If you’re pixel-peeping, yes, those lenses are slightly cracked. I have zero idea how they cracked, tho. I’m usually very careful not to subject my glasses – and other fragile things especially prone to shattering in my eyes – to blunt force trauma.)

Victorinox Huntsman started off as 50% practical purchase, and 50% copying parental habits (Mother used to keep a Victorinox in her car, I later found out it was bought with credit card reward points). Found it handy during my college days, when I needed a sharp blade or a pair of scissors in my lab classes. Nowadays, it’s mostly used for switch modding. :partyparrot: Tweezers are infinitely helpful (also the only pair in the house, lol), smol scissors are waaay easier to handle and waaay sharper compared to hand-sized scissors, and the small blade pops out every so often when I need to fit things between crevices. :thinking:

FiiO M5 + FiiO FH5, because I need music in my ears and in my brain if I’m working or outside on my lonesome (e.g. grocery shopping). I’d probably quite literally go mad with my own thoughts if I didn’t have something auditory to focus my brain on, during the quiet moments. The silence is deafening.

Casio BGA152-7B1 is a digital-analog watch hybrid? Is water-resistant, and has DST, other time zones, standard timer/stopwatch features built-in, and that’s all I need. I love it when a thing has all the functionality I want and none of the bloat. :grin:

  • Still not totally down with smartwatches. Fitness trackers, calendar reminders, GPS, etc. are things very not essential to my lifestyle, and bloat that I can do without. And touchscreen? Eughhh… 20x20 Also, uncertain how water-resistant smartwatches are, and how often they need charging, and whether the risk of malfunctioning due to water-related or blunt force trauma incidents outweighs the smol, very expensive, very non-essential quality-of-life additions they offer. :thinking:

Uh, I drive a Benz, I guess. 20x20

Not pictured is the hair band I carry around my right wrist at all times, if my hair isn’t currently tied up. Copied that habit from Ichiki Umi (from Kindred Spirits on the Roof, Image: Middle Girl).

Den’s Smexy Knaf + Smexy Over-Engineered Titanium Carabiner
Saving the carabiner for whenever I need something indestructible.
I don’t trust myself not to lose it, if I use it for petty everyday things. 20x20

Cast Cobalt 6 Higonokami by D Rocket Design
According to Boogle, Higonokami knives spawned from the decline of samurai (and subsequently, swords) in the late Meiji Era. Large weapons were also outlawed, so pocket mini-sword knives grew in popularity. 20x20


what kind of benz

I use a Garmin fitness tracker for GPS and some tracking.
The water resistance is very good it can go down 164 feet.
I still use my casio digital and analog.



'Tis just a C-300. First and only car I own, paid off the loan last year. 20x20
But, uh, I really wouldn’t recommend parents siccing a luxury cars on young drivers. Speaking from experience. 20x20


Since I live in a college town alot of foreign (mostly foreign Asians coming to study at the college) drive Mercedes C300 or C63’s.

nice, thats good.

Yeah my first car will probably be some mazda or smth like that.

I was gonna PM you but…


Bought this from a friend probably a decade ago, if not longer, but haven’t been using it much 'cause it lost its edge a while back and I’ve been too lazy to learn how to sharpen it. Got it mainly for how it looks, rather than as a daily tool. Might get something more compact for my EDC, but I haven’t looked for anything yet.

Forgot to mention: there are no markings as to who made it (no logo, product name, company name, etc.) and the bit on top is a flashlight, it never worked (maybe just needs a new battery), so I can’t say how bright/effective it is.

As for my EDC, excluding the keyboard:
Car + house keys.
Wallet (from Timberland).
Pen (Parker IM, usually).
Ring (different one from time to time).
Watch (Galaxy watch 46 mm, strap from Oitom on Amazon).
Phone (Galaxy A50, used the cover as a stand in).


  • Troule Blades Mini Debt Collector - I carry this one when I know I’ve got a lot of tougher things to cut. Like today it’s spools that have this threaded tape that would absolutely ruin the sharpness of a less stout blade edge.

  • Sony WF-1000MX4 - The likelihood of me keeping these is not strong. To even get close to liking them, I need to use my XM3 tip AND EQ. Not a great experience. Their ANC is good, but I use them when running, so I never have that enabled, since I need to be alert.

  • Apple Watch Series 6 w/ Sport Loop - Specifically Apple’s sport loop is the only one I’ll use when working out. It’s breathable, comfortable, and will give you the most accurate measurements (yes they make a difference vs. stiffer materials that don’t hold the sensor flush against your skin.) There are cheaper aftermarket ones, but they are nowhere near as breathable and irritate my arm if I’m cycling for more than an hour (which is most of the time).

  • Sergey Rogovets Wallet - Been a fan of Sergey since I got into the knife hobby. He does so many cool things right down to custom headphone cables. This is laser engraved leather. The symbol being my tattoo.

I carry other things, but I don’t have much to say about my phone, and my keys are uninteresting lol.


Phone: iPhone 6 just a simple Black case as a placeholder because I took the picture with it
Wallet: don’t know model or brand. It’s just a nice compact one containing all sorts of necessary and unnecessary cards and cash, which is still very widely used where I live. Only downside is that any banknote bigger than 10€ has to be folded in order to fit in.
Watch: A Casio ALT-6000 an ok watch. I really have nothing to complain about. I only changed the battery recently and it holds for years. The only small problem is that it can’t handle dates after the year 2030. When the year 2030 is over it will go back to the year 1990.


Talk about not color matching stuff lol. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ll start of with my Phone: Pixel 3a Purple-ish, I love this phone, from the aesthetics to the software and hardware, this phone is more than sufficient for my mobile workload, which isn’t really recourse intensive.

IEMs (Moondrop Starfields): These are my first Audiophile headphones and they’re awesome, they’re punchy, detailed and clear and the design Moondrop made for these is great.

Watch: TimeX Fair Field 41mm with a NATO strap, case is made out of brass not Stainless Steal but feels quite nice for being brass, I recently moved from a digital watch (FitBit Alta HR) to this analog watch and it’s been great, while being cheap, the piece is still beautiful and the history of TimeX and this piece specifically is really nice to read and find out about and can be appreciated.

Wallet: Just a black leather Tommy Hilfiger that I got a long time ago, there’s not much to it lol.

Mask: During and aftrer the pandemic, a mask just became a part of my EDC, this is just a regular fabric mask, in my experience I found that breathing through a fabric mask is a lot easier compared to the regular old blue and white Surgical ones.


Olamic Cutlery Damascus Short Sword


What is the length.
I assume 6 inches


Hi. I’m Den. There’s no way it’s only 6 inches lol.


My friend Mike built this blade to my specs. Dragonskin Damascus blade and pocket clip, Zirconium bolsters and backspacer, Shredded Copper Flake Carbon Fiber scales.


Oh my god. I’m in love, that is by far the most gorgeous knife I have ever seen in my entire life.
Now I should try to resist the urge to get into another hobby lol.


Taking knife shots with the S4T has become a thing for his Discord lol. This one is my Berg Blades SLiM. Again in Dragonskin but Timascus for the scales this time.



Today’s watches.

Garmin gps watch very cool gps.
It has no maps just lines.

Normal Casio.


A very pretty trio. Maybe I should photograph my EDC sometime.


My current EDC.

Canon 70D with Yongnou 50mm 1.8.
Nokia 3.1C
Cold steel micro Recon 1 AUS8A
Maglite solitaire LED version
corsair lanyard with keys, Samsung BAR 32GB, Leatherman carabiner.
Polarpro Traverse
Casio AQS810W
Moondrop SSR in a FIIO IEM case.