The Car Talk Thread of Talking (or Something Like That)

I guess the title’s self explanatory, but if it’s not, welcome to the car talk thread! Talk about cars - what you own, what you’d like to own and/or drive, car news and anything about the fascinating form of transportation known as an automobile.

Me personally… well, you should know by now, but I own a 2004 Saturn L300 wagon, the very last front-wheel drive wagon GM introduced in North America (but not the last one sold by them; the Saab 9-5 wagon would last until 2009, while the 9-3 SportCombi would last until 2011, past the time GM sold the company off). GM would introduce a wagon version of the rear-wheel drive 2nd-gen Cadillac CTS and an AWD Buick Regal wagon known as the TourX.


Is this the thread to talk trash about everyone who drives something I don’t like?


It can if ya want it to be.

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